Every Broken Piece

broken20heart11No matter what you do or say to me; when you come running back; when you need me again, I’ll be right here waiting for you. I’ll take you back, no questions asked. You’re the big love of my life. I’m yours and don’t give a f… what others think about that. S.A.


It’s amazing how someone can
break your heart
and you still love them
with every broken piece of it.

Stuck On You

broken20heart11For the longest time I tried to do the impossible; forget you. Problem is you’re stuck in my heart. When I try to pull you out I feel sick. You’ve moved on and have a happy life with someone else so I can’t tell you that I am still stuck on you. S.S.


To fall in love is awfully simple;
to fall out of love is simply awful.

Through the Duration of Time

broken20heart1I have loved you for over twenty-five years but we’ve shared only scattered days. True love is like that; it lasts and lasts proving itself over and over through the duration of time. How I wish to had been able to see before what I so clearly comprehend now. K.M.


If you hide, I’ll seek for you.
If you’re lost, I’ll search for you.
If you leave, I’ll wait for you.
If they try to take you away from me,
I’ll fight for you.

Hope By Hope

broken20heart1I’m in pain because I really need you by my side. I don’t want to you to leave even though I always said that you could. I was lying. You’re my everything. I love you and need you for every part of my life. I’m sitting here just waiting for you, hope by hope. K.N.

infidelidaddesamor030311Do you know that place
between being asleep and awake,
where you still remember your dreams?
That’s where I’ll always love.
That’s where I’ll always wait for you.
Tinkerbell (“Hook”)

Try Again?

broken20heart1Back when I loved you and you loved me, we hurt each other so badly. The wounds took years to heal, but over time my heart has mended. Everyday the belief grows stronger that I should reach out to you and say “I still love you. Would you like to try again?” G.O.


Hate leaves ugly scars,
love leaves beautiful ones.
Mignon McLaughlin

Frozen In Time

broken20heart1The last time I saw you was close to twenty years ago. You are frozen in time in my heart and mind just like you were then. I’m a good reason you don’t have to regret getting older for within me you will always be young, beautiful, vibrant and loved always. C.B.


To love and win is the best thing.
To love and lose, the next best.
William M. Thackeray

Black-Hearted Monster

broken20heart1Even though I don’t want you after how deeply you hurt me, my heart still jumps a half beat when I hear about you. Seeing you in the distance when you don’t see me rattles me for hours. No, I don’t want you but I still love you. Wish that would go away. L.M.


Every fairytale has a villain.
All high quality happy endings
involve a black-hearted monster.
I just didn’t want you to be mine.
Coco J. Ginger

Perverse Sense of Fortune

broken20heart1Destiny is twisted when it comes to us. It was your life that kept us apart long ago. Now years later fate has set fire to our love once more, but this time the shadow of impossibility comes from my side. Providence’s perverse sense of fortune is again teasing us. G.W.



Mighty Pain

broken20heart1When we were together I didn’t really know what love was. No wonder we lost each other. Others passed through since, but no one grabbed me like you. Loving someone far away either kills love or strengthens it. I’ve carried you secretly in my heart for years.  J.R.


A mighty pain to love it is,
And ’tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.
Abraham Cowley

Forget Her

broken20heart1A thousand, no, ten-thousand times I’ve wondered where you are, what you’re doing and if you ever think of me. I remember my feelings for you, start saying the forgetting poem to no avail and then go on bearing you in my heart; secretly; safely; unseen. M.E.

sad-man-black-white-photo 02

Forget her name,
Forget her face,
Forget her smile,
Her warm embrace.
Forget her when they play our song,
Forget you cried the whole night long.
Forget you memorized her walk.
Forget the way she used to talk.
Forget the things she used to say.
Forget that she has gone away.
Forget her laugh.
Forget her grin.
Forget the dimples on her chin.
Forget the way she held you tight.
Forget she’s somewhere else tonight.
Forget the times that went so fast.
Forget her love that now has passed.
Forget she said she’d never leave you,
I can’t forget no matter what I do.