I See Only Two People

broken20heart11There is an ache in my chest that comes from wondering what will become of ‘us’. Will our love grow into an ‘always’ life together or will the magic fade? It’s wonderful to love someone so much but sometimes I’m still afraid you’re going to break my heart. L.Y.


I lie on the ground,
and stare into space,
the stars start to move,
into the shape of your face.
I see you there now,
looking down at me,
with that cute little smile,
that I like to see.
You say “close your eyes”,
“tell me what you see”,
I see only two people,
just you and me.
From “A Wish” by Randy Schutte

Grow My Heart

broken20heart1Three times I have loved with all my heart. Twice I was hurt and left behind. Now I realize the other two were sent into my life to grow my heart’s ability to hold all the love inside I feel for you. For all my old pain that made it possible, I am grateful. M.E.


Sorrow is how we learn to love.
Your heart isn’t breaking.
It hurts because it’s getting larger.
The larger it gets, the more love it holds.
Rita Mae Brown

Never In Real Life

broken20heart1To this day I am still hoping you will forgive me and show up at my door. I dream of opening it and standing there you say “I have forgiven you. I love you. I can’t live without you”. Sadly that sort of redemption is only in the movies and never in real life. H.M.


Betraying and deceiving you,
I surely had no right
To snatch away such a precious gem;
A dark thief in the night.
To hear those forbidden words,
To vanquish all the pain,
To understand my dearest wish:
To know you once again.

Helpless In Love

broken20heart1You know I like you. You might even have an idea it’s more. Why can’t I tell you? You’ve always been good to me, so what am I afraid of? I love you but can’t find the words or a way to say I want to be more than friends. I feel so helpless in love. V.H.


To burn with desire
and keep quiet about it
is the greatest punishment
we can bring on ourselves.
Federico Garcia Lorca

Soft Whispers Echo

broken20heart1There are parts of me where your fingerprints invisibly still exist, your kisses continue to linger and your soft whispers echo silently. And at least for now I don’t want that to change. I have not completely given up on us. Have you? A.S.


I hated myself
for needing him at such times,
for craving his strength
whenever I felt upset.
Kathy Reichs

The Biggest Coward

broken20heart1I read that sometimes the best way to get a woman’s attention is to stop giving her yours. I quit returning your calls and didn’t answer the door when you came by. I tried to make you want me more, but you just stopped calling and coming around. T.P.


The biggest coward
is a man who awakens
a woman’s love
with no intention
of loving her.
Bob Marley

Hope By Hope

broken20heart1I’m in pain because I really need you by my side. I don’t want to you to leave even though I always said that you could. I was lying. You’re my everything. I love you and need you for every part of my life. I’m sitting here just waiting for you, hope by hope. K.N.

infidelidaddesamor030311Do you know that place
between being asleep and awake,
where you still remember your dreams?
That’s where I’ll always love.
That’s where I’ll always wait for you.
Tinkerbell (“Hook”)

All These Years

broken20heart1My love for you never died. All these years it has been stored away in safe corners of my heart and mind. I cherish what we shared and will never completely let it go. My feelings about you will linger forever as long as blood flows in my veins… ALWAYS. M.E.


You’ll find you’ve reached your limit,
When you can go no more,
And you’ll always have the memories
Of good times you’ve had before
So when your journey’s ending,
And you’ve managed to break free
Just remember I’m here waiting
For when you’re back here with me.

Come Back To me

broken20heart1I understand you’re searching to find your way and sort out what is best for your life. I respect that and the space you say you need, but don’t ever forget I love you very much. I’m not going anywhere and will be waiting for you with open arms to come back to me. R.R.


The road stretches before you
No one knows just how far,
And whatever may befall you
Just remember who you are
If others try to change you,
Think who you want to be,
And I’ll be right here waiting
For when you return to me.
Taken from “I’ll Be Waiting”
Author Unknown

You’re Just Scared and That’s Okay

broken20heart1I yearn to hug you and feel your body against mine again. If I were ever in your arms again, it would be the blossom of an old dream. There’d be tears of joy and I’d hold you close for a long while, not wanting to let go…… if I were ever in your arms again. S.D.


You’re just scared and that’s okay.
But don’t throw away your chance for happiness
because you’re afraid to take the leap
or because you know someone ends up hurt.
No matter what you choose, someone
was always going to end up heartbroken.
But if there’s a chance two hearts
can be blissfully happy together in love,
then that’s worth the broken heart of one.
They will mend.
They will find love again and be happy.
From “Bound Together”
By Marie Coulson