I Let You Go

broken20heart1You left me saying only “you needed space” and never came back. I hated you for a long time. You ignored every phone call, text and letter. As the months passed I began to realize you didn’t deserve the strong hold on me that hating you caused. So I let you go. S.P.

letting-go 0002

If you want to forget something or someone,
never hate it, or never hate him/her.
Everything and everyone that you hate
is engraved upon your heart;
if you want to let go of something,
if you want to forget, you cannot hate.
C. Joybell C.

Because You Hate Yourself

broken20heart1You’ll never understand the damage you did treating me so badly. I tried hard to measure up to what you wanted, but it was never enough. I realize now it was only a projection of your thoughts about yourself on me. You couldn’t love me because you hate yourself. W.E.


There is no beauty in sadness.
No honor in suffering.
No growth in fear.
No relief in hate.
It’s just a waste
of perfectly good happiness.
Katerina Stoykova Klemer

You Shredded Me

broken20heart1The thunder and lightning you came into my life with was exciting. In time it became obvious you were mentally ill. I tried to help and loved you through it all. In the end it didn’t matter. You shredded me, drove me away to another, then blamed me for it. S.B.


I wish I could find the words
To tell you how I feel.
There is so much I want to say
But I don’t know where to start.
There is a thousand questions
That I’d like to ask
But I fear
The answers might not be
What I want to hear.
So I stay quiet
Like there’s nothing on my mind
But the less I open up
The more I find myself confused.
It leaves me lost and lonely.
I think I’m being used.
There is a lot I need to know
To help me understand
To find the truth.
The hardest task
Is how to learn, how to ask.

Mighty Pain

broken20heart1When we were together I didn’t really know what love was. No wonder we lost each other. Others passed through since, but no one grabbed me like you. Loving someone far away either kills love or strengthens it. I’ve carried you secretly in my heart for years.  J.R.


A mighty pain to love it is,
And ’tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.
Abraham Cowley

You’re Just Scared and That’s Okay

broken20heart1I yearn to hug you and feel your body against mine again. If I were ever in your arms again, it would be the blossom of an old dream. There’d be tears of joy and I’d hold you close for a long while, not wanting to let go…… if I were ever in your arms again. S.D.


You’re just scared and that’s okay.
But don’t throw away your chance for happiness
because you’re afraid to take the leap
or because you know someone ends up hurt.
No matter what you choose, someone
was always going to end up heartbroken.
But if there’s a chance two hearts
can be blissfully happy together in love,
then that’s worth the broken heart of one.
They will mend.
They will find love again and be happy.
From “Bound Together”
By Marie Coulson

Back Near the Start

broken20heart1I’m right back where I started long ago in a search for the great love of my life; one that shook me down to my soul; one I couldn’t get over no matter how hard I tried. Here I am back near the start knowing the “one” is you. I pray daily for another chance. C.B.


In life we don’t always get what we want;
hopes and dreams get washed away so easily,
hearts are broken, chances are missed,
and we always seem to end up
right back where we started.
From “Colliding Worlds”
by Rebecah McManus

She Wished To Keep Him

broken20heart1Long after breaking up with me you wanted us to have sex while your new boyfriend watched. Problem was I still loved you and couldn’t go there, even to be physically close to you. What’s in my heart made anything except truly making love with you impossible. M.E.


He had placed himself at her feet so long
that the poor little woman had been accustomed
to trample upon him. She didn’t wish to marry him,
but she wished to keep him. She wished to give
him nothing, but that he should give her all.
It is a bargain not unfrequently levied in love.
From “Vanity Fair”
 by William Makepeace Thackeray

You Found Me

broken20heart1I thought you were lost to me forever. Through the years you were in my thoughts often. Sometimes I’d search the internet for traces but never found any. I had no idea where your home was or what had become of you. Then you found me. Oh, what joy! Y.M.

you found me

thought that I would never see you again
thought that time removed the traces our love left on my soul
thought that time erased all the memories we created
thought that time healed my broken heart
thought that I was finally over you.
never thought that I would crash into you
never thought that I would see my lost soul in your eyes
never thought that memories would sent me spiraling
never thought that my heart would be able to break again
never thought that we are not over.

To Have Loved So Deeply

broken20heart1Sometimes I forget how much you hurt me. I don’t think you ever knew how my heart wept silently over you for years. It was a rewarding torture to love so richly and then live with the loss of you. Even in my darkest hour there has been joy to have loved so deeply. A.G.


If music
be the food of love,
play on,
Give me excess of it;
that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken,
and so die.
From “Twelfth Night”
by William Shakespeare

Image by George Frederick Watts

Dogs of Love Are Barking

broken20heart1Would letting sleeping dogs lie have been best? It’s too late to wonder. The dogs of love are barking and only time will tell who gets hurt. It’s unavoidable someone will. A mirror reflects to me the most likely, but I won’t accept it unless reality leaves no other choice. S.B.


I hate to see the one I love
happy with somebody
but I surely hate it more
to see the one I love
unhappy with me…