Worth the Truth

broken20heart1There was absolutely nothing else I could have done that I didn’t do to save “us”, but still feel like a failure. I wish could just forget it all and not care for a few days. The worst thing about all your lies to is knowing you didn’t think I was worth the truth. H.D.

woman-in-tears-webI never hate you
for not loving me anymore
but I hate myself for still loving you.

It Does Not Matter

broken20heart11Shock still engulfs me. One day you were in love with me. The next you wanted nothing to do with me. There was no doubt within that I loved you, but you leaving made me realize how very deeply I feel about you. It does not matter. You’re gone. L.L.


Softly as a gentle breeze,
Love crept into my heart
So softly I did not realize
Until we came to part.
‘Twas then that love so suddenly
Grew claws, and without warning
Clamped around my heart and left
Me bleeding and in mourning.
So stunned was I by this attack,
I did not cry out “stay! ”
And, frowning at my silence,
You turned and walked away.
I never knew, until you left,
How much you’d meant to me
And now you’re gone, I guess
Our love was never meant to be.
“Never Meant To Be”
by Earthbound Angel

Please Help Me

broken20heart11Insecurities tear at me and it hurts when you go out partying with your friends. You were wild in the past, but I have no reason to doubt you since we’ve been together. Please help me stop the painful worrying about losing you or being cheated on. T.G.


One is easily fooled
by that which one loves.
Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere

Interestingly Wrong

broken20heart11Life is too short to waste time with one who’s unworthy of my love. If I stay with you the right person for me will come along and I’ll miss them. I’ve been busy trying to change you, but I’m not going to do it anymore. You’re wrong for me and we both know it. A.L.


One rarely falls in love
without being as much attracted
to what is interestingly wrong with someone
as what is objectively healthy.
Alain de Botton

How Screwed Up I Am

broken20heart1I want to give you my whole heart, but can’t. I’m afraid you’ll find out how screwed up I am if you get that close. It confuses me to love you so much and hate myself at the same time. If I don’t share my true feelings with you soon I know you’ll leave me. H.F.


A woman who is not happy with herself
can never be happy for someone else.
Kamryn Adams

Only in Your Imagination

broken20heart1You thought I was your property and you could make me into anything you wanted. All that meant is you were never in love me. I was only a possession that you thought could be remodeled into a fantasy man that was real only in your imagination. H.S.


If our love
is only a will
to possess,
it is not love.
Thich Nhat Hanh

How Can I?

broken20heart1It hurts most when the person who made you feel special yesterday makes you feel unwanted today. One of the worst feelings in the world is having to doubt something you thought was unquestionable. I’m lost and don’t know what to do. R.P.


What do you do when the one person
you want comfort from the most
is the one who caused your pain?
How can I want so desperately for him
to wrap me up in his arms but also
want so much for him to leave me alone?
Amanda Grace

The Biggest Coward

broken20heart1I read that sometimes the best way to get a woman’s attention is to stop giving her yours. I quit returning your calls and didn’t answer the door when you came by. I tried to make you want me more, but you just stopped calling and coming around. T.P.


The biggest coward
is a man who awakens
a woman’s love
with no intention
of loving her.
Bob Marley

Unwanted, Unneeded

broken20heart1Hyperventilating, blurry vision, uncontrollable tears, elevated pulse rate, equilibrium off, aching stomach, body aches, can’t keep food down. I’m a mess because you don’t love me anymore. I feel worthless as if I’ve been thrown away; unwanted; unneeded. T.G.


You know I was there for you every single moment.
You weren’t there when I really needed you.
You preferred someone else when you had
the choice of coming back and start a new page.
You better not come back to me with a broken heart
and ask for my love, because I’m not going to heal you.
I learned from you. You don’t deserve me.
I once loved you and you pushed me away.
I’m not a game you can have me
and then throw me away. Nope.
My dignity comes first.
I’m not coming back!!!
I moved on.
Mahmoud El Hallab

Got Tired of It

broken20heart1You said I was beautiful. I didn’t believe it. I saw a woman too tall, overweight with lousy hair and big feet. When you’d say “you’re perfect for me” I though it couldn’t be true.  I wish I had listened. I put myself down for so much for so long, you got tired of it and left. C.S.


She wanted to have him hold her
and tell her all the demons were pretend,
that there was no monster in her closet,
that everything would be okay.
But that was a lie.
The demon was in her head,
telling her she was too fat.
She had to get the demon out.
But she couldn’t do it by herself.
Jackie Morse Kessler