What Can I Do?

Calling at 2am to say I still love you was a mistake. Truly sorry I bothered you. I’d had a few drinks and my guard was down because our anniversary was earlier this week. It’s been months and neither of us has moved on. Is there a message in that for us? D.S.

You were my everything;
Now you’re gone.
I don’t have the strength
To carry on.
I loved you so much;
You were all I had;
Now my whole world
Is depressing and sad.
I’d like to start feeling
Other than blue,
But you were my everything,
What can I do?
Taken from “You Were My Everything” by Joanna Fuchs

Smile Because it Happened

Loneliness that felt like it was going to kill me is mostly gone. There were moments when the pain of missing you made it hard to breathe. At times now I look back and enjoy good memories; sometimes it still hurts like hell. You’re in my heart for the rest of my life. D.E.

Don’t cry because it’s over.
Smile because it happened.
Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

Can’t Force Myself

Do you ever think of me? Or do you just pretend “we” never existed? Have you made up a lie to yourself about how you never loved me any way? You left me wondering what I did wrong; wondering how I can fix something that doesn’t exist any more.  I’m lost in sadness! J.W.


Why do I keep on loving you
when it’s clear that you don’t feel
the same way for me?
The problem is that as much
as I can’t force you to love me,
I can’t force myself
to stop loving you.
Author Unknown

My Heart, My Body, My Soul

No words can express the pain you caused. After you crushed my heart I started shutting people out. I began to hide behind a wall so no one can see how deep my grief was and to keep my tears hidden. I gave you my heart, my body, my soul, my all. You violated me. K.N.

O’ eyes do not weep
Cease the deluge of pain
And heart do not beat
Sad remembrance of him
Mind do not tarry
Lest fear should befall
Upon vows that you carry
And love you recall
“Eyes Do Not Weep” by Kay Salady

The Torn Apart Remains

For three nights in a row I have dreamed about you. You either angrily told me to go to Hell or took something of mine saying I deserved to lose it for what I did. The only thing stronger than my love for you is the guilt for doing what tore us apart.  It constantly haunts me. J.B.

You do not know me.
Not like the others do.
Hate and loathing know me.
They know me through and true.
I am not what I appear to be,
the light that shines is but a glow,
of the torn apart remains,
of the real me you cannot know.
There is no greater condemnation
than that which is your own.
Which forces you, unwillingly,
To blame yourself alone.
From “Self-Hatred” by C. F. Tinney

My Noon, My Midnight…

Why love comes, stays a while and diminishes is as mysterious as why it rains and more difficult to predict. When sensing the coming of a storm there is never certainty if a feeling is accurate. I sensed you were falling out of love with me and sadly, I was correct. T.J.

He was my North, my South,
my East and West,
My working week
and Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight,
my talk, my song;
I thought that love
would last forever:
I was wrong.
English-American poet, Wystan Hugh

All I Know As Trust Has Fled

LOVE:”L” is for “Leaving” (can’t be with you anymore).”O” is for “Other” (your ‘other’ woman).”V” is for “Vapor” (what remains of my feelings for you).”E” is for “Emiction”(look it up dummy & you’ll know what I hope life does all over you). Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. W.T.

Something beautiful has broken,
Something’s gone which can’t return.
Heart that’s broken, hurts that burn.
Something’s missing now, and sadly,
All I know as trust has fled…
Infidelity by Jaulsy