Black is Now My Shadow

You cheated on me with my best friend! Together you shattered me, broke my heart, crushed my soul and destroyed my ability to trust. I thought “you” were the “one” and she was “my best friend forever”. How could you?! I loved you both and what you did is unforgivable! A.P.

You throw me aside like a piece of garbage.
You destroyed my heart, my soul.
You left me only a piece of emotion.
You don’t notice me though I walk right past.
Black is now my shadow, my face and my shade.
I am and forever an outcast, a castaway.
Taken from Cast Away by Tayla


Why did you stop loving me? Did you wake up one day and not love me anymore, or did your affection slowly deteriorate? Maybe some people are meant to fall in love but not meant to be together. I hope one day someone loves me as much as I know I loved you. R.B.

The tears roll down my face,
It seems like you’re a stranger,
But even if that’s the case,
I struggle to control this anger.

I told you what you meant to me,
If only I’d known the price I’d have to pay,
If only I’d made you understand, if only I’d made you see,
Then maybe you wouldn’t have turned and walked away.

Now nothing will ever be the same,
It’s all so bitter now,
I wish I’d forget your name,
But I can’t help wondering…how?

From the “The Stranger” by Jenni J.

Hiding My Feelings

How foolish I was to believe willing myself not to love you was something I could accomplish. All I did was end up hiding my feelings that eventually erupted and overcame me. I thought I was getting even with you for hurting me, but my denial ended up only hurting me more. P.S.

The walls we build around us
to keep sadness out
also keeps out the joy.
Jim Rohn

My Misery and My Redemption

There have been times I couldn’t imagine bearing another day of heartbreak living without you, but somehow I did. Moments have come when the weight of grief almost crushed me, but I survived. My love for you is both my misery and my redemption. B.G.

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and days before that too,
I think of you in silence I often speak your name
All I have are memories and your picture in a frame
Your memory is my keepsake with which I’ll never part
God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart.

Wanting to Be Lost Again

I have loved profoundly and been loved deeply a few times in my life. But you, and only you, are the one I loved most.  I still dream about you. Frequently I wake up in the morning with thoughts of “us”. Usually I’m happy for what was, but sometimes I am sad for what I lost. K.M.

Within you I lose myself…
Without you I find myself
Wanting to be lost again.
Author Unknown

My Own Delusion

I was wrong to think you saw me as “the one” you loved. I wanted that so badly! So when I’d ask you out and you were kind and sweet to me I thought there was more to it than you intended. You never led me on. I created my broken heart with my own delusion. B.D.

It’s amazing, some people say these small things,
one sentence, and it changes the way you feel about them in an instant.
Small little words that can hurt you so much
or make you fall deeply in love forever.
It changes everything.
Nothing between you is ever really the same again
even if they don’t know it, it still happens.

I Was Too Late

The truth hurts, so I lied. “I think we need a break. I love you but just need some space. We’ll be back together soon.” I thought that was the best way of letting you down easy. Months passed. I never called. Then realizing my mistake and calling, I found out I was too late. R.B.

So many times I thought of that day,
When you held my hand
And I walked away.
The pain in your eyes burned through me then
When I close my eyes now, I see it again.
A love so young, so unbridled and raw
Being trapped and confused was all that I saw.
How could I know what I feel today
When I closed the door on your heart
And walked away?
Taken from “Is It Too Late?” by Lara Gerard

Every Other Part

You could have told me or at least called. A hand written note would have had some meaning. An email would shown a little respect and caring. But you sent a text message to break up with me! Twenty three words on my phone and nothing more. I deserve better! T.M.

I don’t know why
they call it heartbreak.
It feels like every other part
of my body is broken too.
Missy Altijd

Out My Window

Plainly simple, I still love you and often find thoughts dancing in my head about time we shared. The grief of our ending has long passed replaced by gratefulness for what was. I hope you are happy, healthy and enjoying your life. Always you’ll be in my heart. V.M.

Gazing out my window
I thought of yesterdays
The faces and the gestures
And how the laughter fades
Wondered if you’re happy
Or if you found your way
From long nights in November
And the promise that we made.
“Back Spaces” by Jeff Kurfess

All Sad Words

There’s a sick feeling in my stomach and a knot in my throat. My head throbs and I can’t eat. Falling asleep is impossible sometimes. We both screwed up and I’m deeply sorry for my part.  Are you suffering without me as much as I am without you?  Can we try again? L.C.

For all sad words
of tongue and pen,
the saddest are those
‘It might have been.’
John Greenleaf Whittier