Every Broken Piece

broken20heart11No matter what you do or say to me; when you come running back; when you need me again, I’ll be right here waiting for you. I’ll take you back, no questions asked. You’re the big love of my life. I’m yours and don’t give a f… what others think about that. S.A.


It’s amazing how someone can
break your heart
and you still love them
with every broken piece of it.

I Miss You

broken20heart11My brain knows our relationship is over, but my heart refuses to accept it. Hidden there is still hope you’ll change your mind and forgive me. I thought in time my feelings would begin to fade, but that is not happening. I miss you… D.D.


I miss the way you used to hug me,
I miss the way you used to kiss my lips,
but most of all I miss the way you held me
and my heart. I miss you…

The One I Love

broken20heart11Even when you find love usually it is not lasting. Knowing that doesn’t make my broken heart hurt less. So much of my life revolved around you, but that’s gone now. About the hardest thing I’ve ever done is watch the one I love, love someone else. B.J.


Sometimes you have
to accept the fact
that certain things
will never go back
to how they used to be.

Never Be the Same Again

broken20heart11Each day it feels like another piece of me dies. I am becoming numb. I’m just not right without you. It feels as if a necessary part of my body and soul has been removed, and while I am still breathing and alive, I will never be the same again. M.E.


I see what you did,
you ripped apart a heart
that was wanting to love you.
You tore a man who was so adamant
in his pursuit to love you.
Now he will never be the same,
he will always shy away from
fully trusting a woman with all of his heart.
Travis Martin

Forever Changed

broken20heart11Time  heals wounds, but the wounded are often never the same again. It’s impossible my heart could ever be as open or my mind as hopeful as when you loved me. I’m like a chair missing a leg; incomplete and in need of propping up.


I think anyone who opened their heart enough
to love without restraint and subsequently
were devastated by loss knows that in that moment
you are forever changed; a apart of you is no longer whole.
Some will never again love with that level of abandon
where life is perceived as innocent and the threat of loss
seems implausible. Love and loss, therefore, are linked.
Donna Lynn Hope

Day and Night

broken20heart1It seemed certain we’d always be together. The days, weeks, months and years all ran together. I took us for granted and mistreated you. Only now that you’re gone do I realize you were the center of my universe. Day and night all I think about is you. C.W.

poor guy

You never knew the last time you were seeing someone.
You didn’t know when the last argument happened,
or the last time you had sex,
or the last time you looked into their eyes
and thanked God they were in your life.
After they were gone?
That was all you thought about.
Day and night.
From “Lover Mine”
by J.R. Ward

Losing the Battle

broken20heart1I hate me instead of hating you. I convinced myself I was over you. Now I know that is make believe. I pretend I wasn’t hurt when you broke my heart. I pretend I don’t miss you. All these lies have shown me is I miss you and am losing the battle to get over you. R.W.


I was not always heartless,
but after you broke my heart
I started using my heart less.