Love Is Like Oxygen

broken20heart11I know I’m kinda crazy. I get afraid and say stupid crap. I worry too much and illogically fear losing you although you’ve never given me a single reason to. I care for you beyond explanation and need you beyond logic. You love is like oxygen to me. C.B.


What most people call loving consists
of picking out a woman and marrying her.
They pick her out, I swear, I’ve seen them.
As if you could pick in love,
as if it were not a lightning bolt
that splits your bones
and leaves you staked out
in the middle of the courtyard.
You don’t pick out the rain
that soaks you to a skin
when you come out of a concert.
Julio Cortázar

When Your Heart Breaks Open

You believed in me when I didn’t deserve it. You stood by me when no one else would. But I let addiction almost destroy me. What we once shared was ruined by what I did. I’ve been sober now for seventeen months. Losing you broke me open and saved my life. E.S.

I understand that if you have never suffered
a broken heart, then you have never
really known what it is to truly be alive.
And I understand that at that precise moment,
when your heart breaks open,
that all you want to do is lay down and die!
Because you know that is the only way
the pain is ever going to stop.
Patti Roberts