What Is Lost

broken20heart1Chasing “what might have been” is like chasing a ghost seen only as a secondary flicker out of the corner of the eye. Such mental consternation is much to do about nothing, as done cannot be undone. What’s behind is cast in rock that only weighs one down. G.W.


Since fragile flesh could never bear
Such passion or such grief,
She willed her heart to stone
And, this accomplished, found relief.
Only in dreams she turns and cries,
Tears on her face like frost,
And waking does not even know
She weeps; nor what is lost.
“Metamorphosis” by Ruth Gilbert

Start To Live Again

broken20heart1Can a heart be unbroken? Long I thought that to be impossible but I’m coming to see it is possible. But like all great transformations, a catalyst is needed for change to begin. After all this time learning how much you really loved me is healing my heart. Thank you. M.E.


When love wants to go
don’t hold it back,
loosen the ties
let them go slack.
No word can ever
hold back a flood
or turn dead leaves
into rosebuds.
Let love take its leave
it was but a guest,
a troubled spirit
who couldn’t find rest.
Look truth in the face
and dignity reigns,
brush away the tears,
start to live again.
“Let Go” by Mary-Jo Wilson

Like a Bedraggled Moth

broken20heart1The better part of me wants to run as fast as possible to find you and hold you. And there is anxiety aroused by the old wounds of us that scream “get away”. I won’t run. I will face my fears. Whatever risk I am taking is worth it. You have my trust. I believe in you. H.E.


Like a bedraggled moth am I,
Drawn dizzily, yet inexorably
Toward the soft ethereal light
That shines from the eyes of a silken Goddess:
Poor stupid creature!
What hope for me?
“Enfants Perdus”
by Danny Rowden

What Ever You Want

broken20heart1How was I to know there was still a flame in my heart for you? I could not have imagined all these years later such sweet feelings were waiting to be awakened. Time’s been a kind companion. It fogged out the heartache and left only deeply joyful memories of you. J.B.


You have my heart inside your hands,
you can do what ever you want with it…
BURN it,
BUT remember you are inside.

Kiss the Rain

broken20heart1You’ve been in my heart for so many years, never knowing where you were or even if you were still alive. I thought you ceased loving me long ago. Now to know you never lost what you felt for me renews the pain of losing you, but the joy I feel is so much stronger. M.E.

rain boy 02

When it rains it reminds me of you.
Although 2000 miles away is so far away,
I still always walk outside in the rain
and kiss it just for you. It never fails me.
The rain will always come
and I’ll always love you.
The next time you see a storm on the horizon,
don’t worry, it’s just heaven doing me the favor
of taking you my kiss. Walk outside
and kiss the rain whenever you need me.

Long Ago

broken20heart1I was married, but madly in love with you. I never had the courage to leave so we could be together. Our paths have crossed again years later. There is still strong love between us, but today you’re the one married and I’m single. Is that my retribution for long ago? C.B.

Handsome mature man.

Those who really love you
don’t mean to hurt you
and if they do,
you can’t see it in their eyes
but it hurts them too.
Holly Black

Look At Me Closely

broken20heart1My ability to pretend has gotten really good. I make believe that you will come back to me. I tell friends I really never cared about you. On the outside I pretend everything is just fine and I’m happy, but I love you and am dying inside. Without you every day is hell. B.R.


Behind my smile is a hurting heart
Behind my laughs I’m falling apart
Look at me closely and you will see
The girl I am just isn’t me.

Come Back to Me

broken20heart1There’s no doubt my actions were wrong. I hurt you beyond forgiveness, but beg you to take me back. Try to put what I did behind us. Give me time and I will make it up to you. I’ll prove myself and spend my life earning your love and showing you I am worthy of it. K.W.


Listen to my heart,
can you hear it sing:
Come back to me
and forgive everything.
From the movie “Moulin Rouge

What Was Once

broken20heart1There is regret in my soul that it took so long, but I forgive you. If there is still love in your heart for me, say so. It does not matter whether we are together or not. It does not matter if I ever see you again. Above everything what does matter is if you still love me. B.C.


What I have evidence of
in every letter, in every word….
Write no new letters,
speak no new words,
look no new looks;
only tell me,
years hence
that the present is alive,
that what was once, still is
and I am … blessed as ever.
Robert Browning To Elizabeth Barrett March 11, 1846

My Love For You

broken20heart1My love for you does not adhere to rules like “three strikes and you’re out”. Instead my love for you lives like grass stepped on, crushed, burned out and cut; but still persists and grows back. This shows my love for you to be deep and real and me to be a fool. C.B.

sad man 0001

If you love something very much,
you’ve got to go easy with it;
give it some room to move around.
If you try to hold it tight like that,
it’ll always try to get away.
Harry Kronman