Once You Loved Me

Regularly I read or hear you are doing well and your career continues to blossom. I am so proud of you and grateful once you loved me and I called you mine. Becoming a rock star was your dream. Mine was to be with you. Glad yours came true. Sad mine did not. S.W.

If you listen to the wind very carefully,
you’ll be able to hear me
whisper my love for you.
Andrew Davidson

Is That OK?

At night I dream of you. Thoughts about you bounce in my head all day. You’re my sister’s best friend and have been in our lives since we were little. I’ve loved you for so long I can’t recall when it started. I wish I had the strength to tell you and find out if you love me too.  L.K.

You can make believe it happens
or pretend that something’s true.
You can wish or hope or contemplate
a thing you’d like to do.
But until you start to do it,
you will never see it through
‘cause the make-believe pretending
just won’t do it for you.
Fred Rogers

From a Distance

Yesterday my Momma said ” Sweetie, if she does not care why should you? Don’t keep fightin’ for a woman who will not fight for you in return. Life is too short and there’s someone out there who will be just as interested in you as you are in her. Move on so she can find you.” R.B.

Cause I loved her from a distance
Like an angel watching from afar
I never had the nerve to mention
The fire burning in my heart.
I knew a boy like me
Never would’a stood a chance
So I did the best I could
And I loved her from a distance.
From the song “From A Distance” by Corey Smith

I Walk Alone

Sad what happened. Poor girl died of a broken heart. She couldn’t take it. The pain of losing the love of her life was too much. She warned him she’d die without him. He didn’t believe her. He broke her heart. It died a painful death. Now she’s a member of the walking dead.  R.W.

I walk alone.
No one is there.
The steps guide me,
I don’t know where.
So cold outside;
The sun has set.
The streets
Make me forget.
From “I Walk Alone” by “The Saint”

An Ocean of Regret

My love for you has lasted well after the happy days when you and me were ‘we’. I lost you a long time ago, but my heart still yearns for you and refuses to let go. Why couldn’t I love you then like I do now? Realizing what I had once it’s gone is life in an ocean of regret. G.L.

She’s somewhere in the sunlight strong,
Her tears are in the falling rain,
She calls me in the wind’s soft song,
And with the flowers she comes again.
Yon bird is but her messenger,
The moon is but her silver car;
Yea! sun and moon are sent by her,
And every wistful waiting star.
Song” by English author Richard Le Gallienne

A Single Bite of Dessert

Desire searing in my veins uncontrolled drove me to temporarily forget what love is. You walked in on me with a girl I cared nothing about but satisfying a momentary desire. In an instant love was shattered for something less meaningful than a single bite of dessert. D.K.

To cheat oneself out of love
is the most terrible deception;
it is an eternal loss for which
there is no reparation,
either in time
or in eternity.
Soren Kierkegaard

Your Love In Everything

Accepting life will expire for someone loved never completely comes even after they’re gone. Sometimes I forget for a moment and expect to run into you just around the corner. You’re still with me but I miss your voice, your touch, the way you looked at me and lots more. C.S.

I’ll catch your smile on someone’s face,
Your whisper in the wind’s embrace
Through diamond stars and songs and dreams
I find your love in everything

The sun, the sky, the rolling sea
All conspire to comfort me.
From sorrow’s edge life’s beauty seems
To find your love in everything.

I’ve come to trust the hope it brings
To find your love in everything.
Even as I fall apart,
Even through my shattered heart,
I’ll catch your smile on someone’s face
…..amazing grace.

Beth Neilsen Chapman

You’ll Never Know

You’ve gone home to a country on the other side of the world. You won’t be back. I don’t know how to reach you. You’ll never know I love you because I didn’t find the courage to say it. You’ll remember me only as a co-worker but I will carry you in my heart always. S.S.

Grey rocks, and greyer sea,
And surf along the shore —
And in my heart a name
My lips shall speak no more.

The high and lonely hills
Endure the darkening year —
And in my heart endure
A memory and a tear.

Across the tide a sail
That tosses, and is gone —
And in my heart the kiss
That longing dreams upon.

Grey rocks, and greyer sea,
And surf along the shore —
And in my heart the face
That I shall see no more.
“Grey Rocks and Greyer Sea” by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

Silence Breaks the Heart

You don’t answer your phone when I call and ignore my texts. When I run into you by chance you look away and won’t speak to me. I know what I did was wrong, but there’s a lot you don’t know. Please talk to me and listen to what I have to say. I love you and I’m sorry. A.N.

Sticks and stones are hard on bones
Aimed with angry art,
Words can sting like anything
But silence breaks the heart.
Phyllis McGinley

What’s Wrong With You?

For six months you were in love with me. Suddenly you left me flat. In the year since there have been two more. Is half a year the longest you can make a relationship work? What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you love and let yourself be loved longer? L.W.

My heart, it was a cup of gold
That at his lip did long to lie,
But he hath drunk the red wine down,
And tossed the goblet by.
My heart, it was a floating bird
That through the world did wander free,
But he hath locked it in a cage,
And lost the silver key.
My heart, it was a white, white rose
That bloomed upon a broken bough,
He did but wear it for an hour,
And it is withered now.
“The Prince” By Josephine Dodge Daskam