Like a Bedraggled Moth

broken20heart1The better part of me wants to run as fast as possible to find you and hold you. And there is anxiety aroused by the old wounds of us that scream “get away”. I won’t run. I will face my fears. Whatever risk I am taking is worth it. You have my trust. I believe in you. H.E.


Like a bedraggled moth am I,
Drawn dizzily, yet inexorably
Toward the soft ethereal light
That shines from the eyes of a silken Goddess:
Poor stupid creature!
What hope for me?
“Enfants Perdus”
by Danny Rowden

Looking Back

Looking back ten years later the certainty of youth looks like childish chaos. There’s no doubt we loved each other, but hurt each other so badly. We didn’t know any better. For my part I’m sorry and forgive you for yours. You’re in my heart now and forever. T.O.

I loved you yesterday,
I love you still,
I always have,
and I always will.

Greatest Proof of Love

 I never said “I love you”, but thought you knew. You want romance, passion and love expressed openly which I can’t do. You deserve to have what you need. So I will let you go without my feelings ever being known. It’s the greatest proof of my love I have to give. S.S.

Looking back,
I have this to regret,
that too often when I loved,
I did not say so.
David Grayson

Is That OK?

At night I dream of you. Thoughts about you bounce in my head all day. You’re my sister’s best friend and have been in our lives since we were little. I’ve loved you for so long I can’t recall when it started. I wish I had the strength to tell you and find out if you love me too.  L.K.

You can make believe it happens
or pretend that something’s true.
You can wish or hope or contemplate
a thing you’d like to do.
But until you start to do it,
you will never see it through
‘cause the make-believe pretending
just won’t do it for you.
Fred Rogers

An Ocean of Regret

My love for you has lasted well after the happy days when you and me were ‘we’. I lost you a long time ago, but my heart still yearns for you and refuses to let go. Why couldn’t I love you then like I do now? Realizing what I had once it’s gone is life in an ocean of regret. G.L.

She’s somewhere in the sunlight strong,
Her tears are in the falling rain,
She calls me in the wind’s soft song,
And with the flowers she comes again.
Yon bird is but her messenger,
The moon is but her silver car;
Yea! sun and moon are sent by her,
And every wistful waiting star.
Song” by English author Richard Le Gallienne

No Bridge In Between

You were in my dreams before I ever knew you. I was shaken to the core of my being on the first sight of you. I yearn for us to know one another. Maybe we’d fall in love. But you’re with another and my ethics will never allow me to say a word to you about my hopes. A.W.

Love, he told himself,
was open to interpretation
like any other abstract indulgence
but followed the same principles everywhere…
One, either won or lost in love,
there was no bridge in between,
and he decided he had lost,
lost to himself, if not to her.
Faraaz Kazi

Really Hurts

Sometimes I forget we’re divorced for an hour or so, never much longer. All while the process was going on I thought you’d change your mind and somehow things would still work out. Now I realize you have left me completely behind and that really, really, really hurts! R.B.

You don’t die
from a broken heart.
You only wish
you did.

On My Knees and Beg

I don’t let anyone see, but I cry at times when I think of you. If I’m alone it’s easy to give in to missing you, wanting you and loving you. After what you did that makes me a fool, but I don’t care. I’d get on my knees and beg if I thought it would get you to come back to me. D.H.

I have stood before you
Smiling and loving.
I have laid beside you
Naked and blushing.
I have knelt behind you
Pleading and begging.
I have cowered beneath you
shaking and crying.
I have closed my eyes
bared my soul.
quenched my dreams
lost my pride…
Taken from “Me” by Carrie Baker

Excuse Me for Caring

Excuse me for caring about you. Even though we didn’t have the best relationship at the time, I still loved you enough to worry. Now you’ve turned it on me and called me screwed up and neurotic. Hold a mirror up. That’s actually a description of you! S.S.

You took my love, you broke my heart
You took my smile, and tore it apart
You left me crying down on the floor
The funny thing is, I still want more
If only you loved me like I wanted you to
But you tricked me into loving you
You tore me apart, you broke my heart
From “You Broke My Heart” by Alexandra Burke

Drown What’s Left of You

Often I wake knowing I’ve been dreaming of you again. I relive good times or spin new make-believe ones in my subconscious. Then there are dreams when I hear you say again “I love you and forgive you, but can’t forget what you did. I can’t be with you anymore.” A.O.

So bring on the pain
Let it kill your memory
Bring on the rain
Let it drown what’s left of you and me
I know the only way I’m ever gonna make it
Is burying the best of us
Even though it’s killing me
Cause I don’t love you any less
But I can’t love you anymore
From the song “I Can’t Love You Anymore” by Gary Nichols