Forget Her

broken20heart1A thousand, no, ten-thousand times I’ve wondered where you are, what you’re doing and if you ever think of me. I remember my feelings for you, start saying the forgetting poem to no avail and then go on bearing you in my heart; secretly; safely; unseen. M.E.

sad-man-black-white-photo 02

Forget her name,
Forget her face,
Forget her smile,
Her warm embrace.
Forget her when they play our song,
Forget you cried the whole night long.
Forget you memorized her walk.
Forget the way she used to talk.
Forget the things she used to say.
Forget that she has gone away.
Forget her laugh.
Forget her grin.
Forget the dimples on her chin.
Forget the way she held you tight.
Forget she’s somewhere else tonight.
Forget the times that went so fast.
Forget her love that now has passed.
Forget she said she’d never leave you,
I can’t forget no matter what I do.

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