Used to be Mine

broken20heart1I wish I hadn’t broken up with you. In time you healed and made room in your heart for another. It’s so hard to see you with someone new filling in the space that used to be mine; holding your hand; kissing your lips; embracing you. What have I done?! D.P.


Throughout my lifetime I’ve left
pieces of my heart here and there.
And now, there’s almost barely enough
to stay alive.
Johnny Depp

Sorry I Lied

broken20heart1Please forgive me. I was a fool. What I said and did was wrong. Taking you for granted became a habit. The thought of losing you has jarred me back to reality. I love you so much. PLEASE don’t leave me. I’ll get on my knees and beg if you want. D.S.

so sorry

I don’t know how to do it,
But I got to do right,
I need to say I’m sorry,
I don’t want to see us fight.
I’m staring at the clouds,
I sit and reminisce,
I remember all the good times we had,
I remember our first kiss.
From “I’m Sorry I Lied”
by Shak Tabib

Stay With Me

broken20heart1Why I never told you the full truth seems so foolish now. I was fearful to speak; afraid you’d run away if I said I loved you with every milligram of me. Like a flower yearns for rain I long for you. I want you. I need you. I love you. Please don’t go; stay with me. H.N.


I’m sitting there waiting for you;
Waiting… hope by hope.
Deep inside my heart, I’m in pain
Because I really need you to be by my side.
REALLY! I’m not lying to you
I don’t want you to leave.
Even though I always said
That you can leave.
I’m lying to you.
You’re my everything.
I really love you.
I need you for every part of my life.
Adapted from an anonymous on-line post

The Loudest Quiet Ever

broken20heart1I thought settling down wasn’t for me. You came along and swept me off my feet. I was so in love with you but afraid I could not be with one man for the rest of my life. It’s been three years since I broke up with you. I was so very, very wrong. Please take me back. J.S.


The shattering of a heart
when being broken
is the loudest quiet ever.
Carroll Bryant

Love Never Dies A Natural Death

broken20heart1Within there is a burning need to apologize; to tell you how much I regret being a such a disappointment. But I’m afraid; fearful you won’t forgive me and will instead express how you hate me. I was very wrong. I’m sorry and mourn losing you every single day. D.W.

Man contemplating after a days work

Love never dies a natural death.
It dies because we don’t know how
to replenish its source. It dies of
blindness and errors and betrayals.
It dies of illness and wounds;
it dies of weariness,
of withering,
of tarnishing.
Anais Nin