From Full Color to Black and White

broken20heart11When I thought we were over, my entire life changed from full color to black and white. So much of who and what I am is wrapped around you. Thankfully, we made it through the rough spot and we’re healing now. I love you. T.G.

abusive_relationships_0246017It hurts to breathe.
It hurts to live.
I hate her,
yet I do not think
I can exist without her.
Charlotte Featherstone

To Forgive

broken20heart11How is it possible that the one who broke my heart, now brings such great happiness? Somehow our love has become the redemption I needed. In forgiving you I found forgiveness within for my past. Thank you for loving me. M.E.


To forgive is the highest,
most beautiful form of love.
In return, you will receive
untold peace and happiness.
Robert Muller

Please Be Patient

broken20heart11How is it that I can love you so much and let my emotions get carried away to where I hurt you? If I don’t get control of them you will leave me sooner or later. Good intentions don’t necessarily bring good results. I’m trying. Please be patient with me. H.E.


Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love,
it’s a waste of your time.
There are too many mediocre things in life.
Love shouldn’t be one of them.
From the movie “Dreams for an Insomniac”

Memories and Moments

broken20heart11Time heals wounds, and those left by our breakup are mostly gone. There are a few scars, but I’ve moved on. There’s someone special now, but it’s just not the same. I will probably never feel with anyone else the way I felt with you. C.S.


Sometimes it’s not the person you miss,
but the memories and moments
you had with them.

Miss You Like Crazy

broken20heart11Most days are okay. But there are those when I walk around numb, barely aware of my surroundings. The worst days come when I overdose on missing you. All together, I’m pretty good, but some days are really a bitch. I still miss you like crazy. S.O.


Up until the moment I lost her,
I had a wonderful life.
These moments now
are the ones that are hard.
I’m eager to depart this world
and rejoin her in the next.
Then, and only then,
will I finally be at peace.
Rose Wynters

My Quivering Broken Heart

broken20heart1Pretenders have taken advantage of me. Players have played me. Abusers have abused me. But yet my quivering broken heart says, “I will not stop believing you’re out there somewhere; the one who deserves my love. Do you feel me like I do you?” B.C.


The thinnest slice would be teeming
with memories of a love so strong
it turned you inside out and left you gasping,
and would be an identical match
to a slice stored in the heart of a soul mate.
Jodi Picoult

Best and Worst Thing

broken20heart1Loving you, then losing you was the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I knew I had serious issues but always put off dealing with them. You leaving me because of my bad habits woke me up and made me do something about them. J.B.

in the light no border

Love opens the doors into everything,
as far as I can see, including
and perhaps most of all,
the door into one’s own secret,
and often terrible and frightening, real self.
Mary Sarton

The Pain Still Lingers

broken20heart1The pain of having a broken heart isn’t enough to kill me, but is enough to keep me from living again. I’m stuck between a broken heart and one that doesn’t feel. Alternating between is agony. I want to get over you and I don’t at the same time. T.P.


People have scars in all sorts of place;
like secret road maps of their personal histories;
diagrams of their old wounds.
Most of our wounds heal,
leaving nothing behind but a scar.
But some of them don’t.
Some wounds we carry with us
everywhere and through
the cut’s long gone,
the pain still lingers.
Meredith Grey

Just Passing Through

broken20heart1I’ve decided instead of wiping away my tears, I’m going to wipe away the person who makes me cry. That’s you. It’s hard to let go but I have learned some people aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Some are just passing through to teach us a lesson. P.H.


Love hurts
when it
changes us.
Toba Beta

Effervescent Gratefulness

broken20heart1Loving then losing stripped my heart of color and vibrance for a while. More than a year went by after you said goodbye before good memories of us began to paint the cracks of my heart with tints and hues of effervescent gratefulness for remembered love. C.W.

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Love is eternal…
the aspect may change, but not the essence
There is the same difference in a person before
and after he is in love as there is in an unlighted lamp
and one that is burning. The lamp was there
and was a good lamp, but now it is shedding light too,
and that is its real function.
Vincent Van Gogh