So Glad We Made It

broken20heart1Thought we are no longer lovers, that special time we shared made our friendship so much deeper than it would be otherwise. Yes, it was difficult and complicated for a while as we became ‘just friends’ again, but I am so glad we made it. I cherish you.


I wish you a lifetime of love,
Happiness that never ends,
Songs of laughter,
Warmth of family and friends.
I wish you days that are bright
And filled with dreams,
A world of faith and hope
And joy that’s everlasting.
I wish you constant peace
And good days ahead.
You deserve this and more
My dear sweet friend.

You Found Me

broken20heart1I thought you were lost to me forever. Through the years you were in my thoughts often. Sometimes I’d search the internet for traces but never found any. I had no idea where your home was or what had become of you. Then you found me. Oh, what joy! Y.M.

you found me

thought that I would never see you again
thought that time removed the traces our love left on my soul
thought that time erased all the memories we created
thought that time healed my broken heart
thought that I was finally over you.
never thought that I would crash into you
never thought that I would see my lost soul in your eyes
never thought that memories would sent me spiraling
never thought that my heart would be able to break again
never thought that we are not over.

No Great Mystery

broken20heart1How you held me is clear in my mind as if the last time was a week ago. I belonged there. I felt safe. I felt wanted. I felt at home. I felt desired. I felt loved beyond doubt. Those feelings will glow fresh and strong within me until my heart beats no more. V.B.


What we need to know about loving is no great mystery.
We all know what constitutes loving behavior;
we need but act upon it, not continually question it.
Over-analysis often confuses the issue
and in the end brings us no closer to insight.
We sometimes become too busy classifying,
separating, and examining, to remember
that love is easy. It’s we who make it complicated.
Leo Buscaglia

Without Regret

Only in retrospect am I able to clearly see how kind you were. With all your heart you loved me. Even at our worst when the relationship was falling apart you never once said you regretted loving me. I will always be grateful. You taught me how to love better. K.M.

Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness.
Know how to give without hesitation,
how to lose without regret,
how to acquire without meanness.
George Sand