Outer Boundary of Reality

broken20heart1In a dream words came I can’t say. “I love you. Always will. No one ever moved me like you”. To think you might be mine again is so far-fetched I can only barely imagine it. Thoughts of you in my arms straddles the outer boundary of  reality, but I think them anyway. M.K.


His heart danced upon her movements
like a cork upon a tide.
He heard what her eyes said to him
from beneath their cowl
and knew that in some dim past,
whether in life or revery,
he had heard their tale before.
James Joyce

Life Has Turned the Table

broken20heart1I thought you didn’t love me, or at least not enough to make a life together. So I moved on, searching for something I never found. I see now it was me who wasn’t ready to commit to you when I had the chance. Interesting how life has turned the table on me. J.M.


Sometimes life
has a cruel sense of humor,
giving you the thing
you always wanted
at the worst time possible.
Lisa Klewypas

Rushing Out Like Water

broken20heart1Sometimes I want to throw open the gates holding back my feelings and let them come rushing out like water through a dam break. But I can’t because you belong to another. Instead, I’ll keep hope strong and bide my time till you’re in my arms again. D.W.

heavy wave

It’s hard to wait around for something
that you know might never happen ,
but it’s even harder to give up,
when you know it’s everything you want.

No Matter How Long

broken20heart1How long should I wait for the love of my lifetime to return? A year? five years? Ten? Twenty? That and more I’ve been waiting for you and didn’t know it. I tried substitutes but none worked for long. I’ve never felt as safe anywhere as I once did in your arms. C.B.


If I die,
I will wait for you,
do you understand?
No matter how long.
I will watch from beyond
to make sure
you live every year
you have to its fullest,
and then we’ll
have so much to talk
about when
I see you again…
Jeaniene Frost

Because You Love Her

broken20heart1My friend said, “you really love her, don’t you?” An answer echoed in my heart before the words “very much” fell from my lips. My friend responded “she’ll probably break your heart into a thousand pieces”. I said “I know, but I’m willing to take the chance she won’t”. L.A.


No matter how many times
I tell you she’ll break you heart,
or how many times she does it,
you’ll never give up.
Why you ask?
Because you love her.

What Do I Do With The Smoke

broken20heart1It’s hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember. Like hidden smoldering embers underneath ashes my memories of you have remained. Now my heart is beginning to flicker again with fire. I can hide the flames, but what do I do with the smoke? H.E.

matches and fire

the only soul that can mend a broken heart
is the one that broke it.
For they are the ones holding all the pieces.
Patti Roberts

Could It Be?

My heart has been broken many times and disappointed many times more. Mistakes and ill choices were often made in ignorance. But I am older, wiser and know better how to love and be loved now. As long my lungs breathe I will hope for the ‘one’ to find me. O.O.

Could it be that I once saw you
In a dream as old as time
And could it be the arms holding you
Were really mine the whole time?
Could you have been my one and only
The reason I woke each new day
The one thing I always needed
The one for whom I use to pray?
Could it be that I still love you
And once again I’ll find
That you’re not just a memory
Only to be viewed in my mind?
Could it be, oh Lord I pray,
Just one thing I ask of you
If you’re out there waiting
You’ll try to find me too?
Taken from “Could It Be” by Freida Martinez