You’re Just Scared and That’s Okay

broken20heart1I yearn to hug you and feel your body against mine again. If I were ever in your arms again, it would be the blossom of an old dream. There’d be tears of joy and I’d hold you close for a long while, not wanting to let go…… if I were ever in your arms again. S.D.


You’re just scared and that’s okay.
But don’t throw away your chance for happiness
because you’re afraid to take the leap
or because you know someone ends up hurt.
No matter what you choose, someone
was always going to end up heartbroken.
But if there’s a chance two hearts
can be blissfully happy together in love,
then that’s worth the broken heart of one.
They will mend.
They will find love again and be happy.
From “Bound Together”
By Marie Coulson

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