Please Stay Away

broken20heart1If we run into each other please don’t look me in the eye. I’d fall for you again because I am weak and would do anything to have you back. I don’t have another heart to lose and the one you broke is still trying to heal. Please stay away.


…each heart
is made of
a different stone;
no two feel alike
nor break the same way…
John Geddes

Addicted and Obsessed

broken20heart1You’re the one who broke my heart. You’re the reason my world fell apart. You’re the one who made me cry. Yet I’m still in love with you and I don’t know why. I’m addicted and obsessed with you as my mind altering drug. Love for you is destroying me a day at a time. L.A.


Softly as a gentle breeze,
Love crept into my heart
So softly I did not realize
Until we came to part.
‘Twas then that love so suddenly
Grew claws, and without warning
Clamped around my heart and left
Me bleeding and in mourning.
By “Earthbound Angel”

I’m Still Here

broken20heart1Once in a while I still shed a tear over breaking up with you. Every time my mind screams “YOU SCREWED UP” because letting you go was a huge mistake . You moved on, married and have a child now. How do I forgive myself? How do I stop loving you? C.W.


They told me to give up, to let you go
and they promised that someday
I’ll find someone else. At first I believed them
but after a while I started realizing they were wrong.
Now you’re gone and you’re not coming back.
You moved on and forgot about me,
but I’m still here wishing someday
you will come back
and will have our second chance.
Mahmoud El Hallab

You Stole My Heart Away

broken20heart1My friends said, “you’ll be okay after a while; time heals all wounds”. So I waited through months and now years but I am just as lost and heartbroken as when she left me. There are doubts within that I will ever be alright without the woman who stole my heart away. T.W.


You stole my Heart away
You ripped it out of my Soul.
You had no remorse as you did the deed
Not a sign of the slightest control.
You stole my Heart away
Yet I take pity on your soul.
It’s lost somewhere
As your heart is bare
Without, and all alone.
You stole my Heart away
But I’ll let you keep it, a little more
To show your Heart
How to See again
And how to hear once more.
Taken from “You Stole My Heart Away” by Nicole Chury

Without You

I’m smiling, but don’t mean it. I miss how it used to be. I miss how our love was so real; how we cared for each other without end. Most of all I miss you telling me everything would be alright. I need that now more than ever. Without you it’s not going to be okay. B.B.

Lost love is still love.
It takes a different form, that’s all.
You can’t see their smile
or bring them food
or tousle their hair
or move them around a dance floor.
But when those senses weaken another heightens.
Memory. Memory becomes your partner.
You nurture it. You hold it. You dance with it.
Mitch Albom

So Crowded With You

You pushed me away over five years ago. Our divorce was done twelve months later. You remarried two years later. I know we are OVER, but I still love you and dream about you often. Will my heart always be so crowded with you leaving no room for anyone else? R.Y.

I see you in my dreams, and awake with delight,
first thing in the morning, all through the night.
My heart can’t let go, even though I have tried,
I feel a part of me has been lost and died.
…I wish you happiness and I wish you so much love,
and I hope you find what you deserve, as it’s you I’m thinking of.
I won’t be selfish and to you my heart does send, this
message to the one I love and will love until the end.
From “My Heart Can’t Let Go” by Penny 02-06-07

Too Tired To Do Anything Else

Love has found me several times. Each meeting then parting took away a piece of me. After losing you I don’t think there is enough of me left to ever love again. So I am just going to go on loving you even though you are not here. My heart is too tired to do anything else. C.B.

As you get older, the heart shed its leaves like a tree.
You cannot hold out against certain winds.
Each day tears away a few more leaves;
and then there are the storms
that break off several branches at one go.
And while nature’s greenery
grows back again in the spring,
that of the heart never grows back.
Gustave Flaubert

A Bitter-Sweet Insanity

For hours, even days, I don’t think about you. But when my feelings bubble up I become temporarily lost in thinking of much I loved you then and still do now. Wishing to forget and fighting to hold on to every memory is slowly driving me crazy; a bitter-sweet insanity. L.S.

I have flown and fallen,
and I have swum deep and drowned,
but there should be more to love
than “I survived it”.
Lisa Manchev

Will You Ever Be Mine?

When we’re at work you’re thoughtful and supportive. Your kind nature makes me fall in love with you more and more. When I try to ask you out, I choke on the words and act foolishly. With all my being I want you to know how I feel, but can’t find the strength to tell you. S.S.

The first step to wisdom
Is to know you know nothing.
The way to appreciate
Is to start with nothing.
Well all I know now
Is that I don’t have you,
And all I posses
Is my craving for you.
I feel I’ve needed you
Since the beginning of time.
On my way to wisdom I ask,
Will you ever be mine?
“Wisdom” by Derek del Barrio

Perpetual Sadness

I grieve the death of your love everyday. People I loved deeply have died. Bearing that grief was difficult, but it passed in time. Them being gone helped me accept their passing. Knowing you are still alive and doing well without me brings perpetual sadness. L.G.

Yet nothing can to nothing fall,
Nor any place be empty quite;
Therefore I think my breast hath all
Those pieces still, though they be not unite;
And now, as broken glasses show
A hundred lesser faces, so
My rags of heart can like, wish, and adore,
But after one such love, can love no more.
John Donne