So Crowded With You

You pushed me away over five years ago. Our divorce was done twelve months later. You remarried two years later. I know we are OVER, but I still love you and dream about you often. Will my heart always be so crowded with you leaving no room for anyone else? R.Y.

I see you in my dreams, and awake with delight,
first thing in the morning, all through the night.
My heart can’t let go, even though I have tried,
I feel a part of me has been lost and died.
…I wish you happiness and I wish you so much love,
and I hope you find what you deserve, as it’s you I’m thinking of.
I won’t be selfish and to you my heart does send, this
message to the one I love and will love until the end.
From “My Heart Can’t Let Go” by Penny 02-06-07

Time Heals...

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