You Stole My Heart Away

broken20heart1My friends said, “you’ll be okay after a while; time heals all wounds”. So I waited through months and now years but I am just as lost and heartbroken as when she left me. There are doubts within that I will ever be alright without the woman who stole my heart away. T.W.


You stole my Heart away
You ripped it out of my Soul.
You had no remorse as you did the deed
Not a sign of the slightest control.
You stole my Heart away
Yet I take pity on your soul.
It’s lost somewhere
As your heart is bare
Without, and all alone.
You stole my Heart away
But I’ll let you keep it, a little more
To show your Heart
How to See again
And how to hear once more.
Taken from “You Stole My Heart Away” by Nicole Chury

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