You Shredded Me

broken20heart1The thunder and lightning you came into my life with was exciting. In time it became obvious you were mentally ill. I tried to help and loved you through it all. In the end it didn’t matter. You shredded me, drove me away to another, then blamed me for it. S.B.


I wish I could find the words
To tell you how I feel.
There is so much I want to say
But I don’t know where to start.
There is a thousand questions
That I’d like to ask
But I fear
The answers might not be
What I want to hear.
So I stay quiet
Like there’s nothing on my mind
But the less I open up
The more I find myself confused.
It leaves me lost and lonely.
I think I’m being used.
There is a lot I need to know
To help me understand
To find the truth.
The hardest task
Is how to learn, how to ask.

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