There You Are

After a year I thought my heart had healed and I was over you. I go to a party thrown by some new people I’d met then a half hour later turn around and there you are. Just the two of us standing there talking was like when we first met. I fell in love with you all over again. D.H.

So I placed my heart under lock and key
To take some time, and take care of me
But I turn around and you’re standing here.
Debra Cox

A Pretty Girl

Whenever we entered a room you did your best to make sure every man looked at you. I should have known how you dressed and acted meant you’d never be faithful to me. Love is blind and sometimes we love what is bad for us even when we know it.  E.A.

A pretty girl
is nothing
if she has
an ugly heart.

No Bridge In Between

You were in my dreams before I ever knew you. I was shaken to the core of my being on the first sight of you. I yearn for us to know one another. Maybe we’d fall in love. But you’re with another and my ethics will never allow me to say a word to you about my hopes. A.W.

Love, he told himself,
was open to interpretation
like any other abstract indulgence
but followed the same principles everywhere…
One, either won or lost in love,
there was no bridge in between,
and he decided he had lost,
lost to himself, if not to her.
Faraaz Kazi

May Cause Heartbreak

Often I caught you lying and forgave you. I made it easy for you to deceive me repeatedly. But guess what! I got even with you for cheating on me. I just slept with your best friend. Why? Because you slept with best bud! Did you find the lipstick on my shirt yet? E.A.

I wish people came with warning labels!
‘May cause heartbreak’
‘Your trust may be in jeopardy’
‘Under no circumstance believe him.’

Hardest Habit to Break

My mind says “forget you”, but my heart says “I can’t”. My soul says “run away fast” but my ego says “I can’t live without you”. There is a war of feelings pulling me apart as I am violently torn between ‘what I know I should do’ and ‘what I want to do’. I feel doomed. C.C.

Love is the hardest habit to break,
and the most difficult to satisfy.
Drew Barrymore

The Worst Loneliness

Losing you has thrown me into a tailspin. Once I liked who I was, but now it’s difficult to even look at my reflection in a mirror. How long will I punish myself for hurting you & driving you away? Will this pain ever leave? How can I forgive myself?  How do I end this torment? R.B.

The worst loneliness
is to not be comfortable
with yourself.
Mark Twain

Living Without You

The passing of time has helped close the gash you left on my heart, but the wound will never fully heal. At first I prayed to die but now I plead for amnesia so I can forget & let go of  what will never be again. Forever turned out to be a life of heartache of living without you. T.A.

Better never to have
known love at all,
than to live a life
of pathetic recall.
From “Love’s Last Word” by Joyce Hemsley

A Hazy Sleepwalk of Misery

Finally the realization has come to get on with my life. You’re not coming back. For a year I’ve lived in a daze; one day after another just a hazy sleepwalk of misery. I may not be able to stop loving you but I have to wake up. Somehow, someway I have to move on. S.T.

As of now, I am moving on.
Through and out, this hard time.
The clouds will clear, and the storm will pass.
Things are looking up, as I raise the mast.
Sailing on, and moving out.
From these dark days, I muster all my clout.
I am ready, to start again.
Just to see, where life begins.
Taken from “Moving On” by Cue Ball

The One Who Got Away

Once upon a time we shared something truly special. Through high school and college we were the magical couple everyone thought would be in love and together forever. Things changed and we broke each other’s heart. Even now I am not sure what happened. E.T.

My heart literally hurts,
My chest is in pain,
Life without you
Will never be the same.
I can’t blame you,
Because I did you wrong too.
But now that it’s officially over
I don’t know what to do.
I’ll never forget your smile;
I’ll never forget your kiss;
But your presence in my life
Will forever be missed.
“The One Who Got Away” by Kiera

Along the Same Fault Lines

I can’t stop wondering why you ran away. I think I know, but the thought hurts. You still love me but are ashamed to admit what happened. You left me, went back to your old boyfriend and got hurt again, didn’t you? It strangles my heart every time I imagine you with him. L.L.


Until this moment,
I had not realized
that someone could
break your heart twice,
along the very same fault lines.
Jodi Picoult