All Cried Out

broken20heart1When you left I learned someone could actually die of a broken heart. I denied you were gone. I got angry. I tried bargaining to get you to come home and was depressed for months when you wouldn’t. Now I accept you’re never coming back. Goodbye my love. C.S.


I gave you all of me…
How was I to know
You would weaken so easily.
… I gave you my love in vain.
My body never knew such pleasure
My heart never knew such pain
And you…you leave me so confused
Now I’m all cried out over you.
From the song
“All Cried Out” by Allure

Stronger But More Fragile

broken20heart1Every time you hurt me, every time I felt pain, every lie that you told me made me who I am today: stronger, but more fragile. Now I realize within is strength to survive the lost of great love. But also there are fractures in my heart that make it easier to be broken. R.Y.


I believe that everything happens for a reason.
People change so that you can learn to let go,
things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right,
you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,
and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
Marilyn Monroe

Why Did You…

broken20heart1Crushed. Shattered. Trampled. Damaged. Appalled. Devastated. Hurt. Shocked. Dazed. Destroyed. Defeated. Dejected. Ruined. Wrecked. Stunned. Most of all HEARTBROKEN. I’m consumed with confusion, grief and pain. Why did you stop loving me? WHY??? L.C.


I cannot stand
being awake,
the pain
is too much.

…Doesn’t Love Me …Never Will.

They say there’s a reason and time will heal. But neither time nor reason has changed the way I feel. No one knows how many times I’ve broken down and cried. Through it all everyone thinks I’m fine. I don’t want you or anyone to know how broken I am. N.O.

I want to run, I want to hide.
From all the pain he caused inside.
I want to scream, I want to cry.
Why can’t I tell him goodbye?
I want to move on, I just can’t let go.
I love him more than he will ever know.
I want to start over, I want to feel free!
But this pain will never leave me be.
He hurt me bad, the pain is deep.
From all the promises he couldn’t keep.
All the lies, I heard him say.
Are in my head and just won’t fade.
How can I forget him, leave the him behind.
Erase the memories from my mind.
He doesn’t love me, and he never will.
He will never care, how I feel.
“Heartbreak Poem” by ‘Jennifer’

It’s Not My Fault

You’re gone. It’s not my fault. The problem is you hate yourself. No one else can fix that except you. I tried to love you enough so you’d love yourself. It didn’t work. Now you’re with someone new. You’ll break her heart too ’cause you don’t know how to love. L.W.

Steve Maraboli

Cry A River

It’s not that you found somebody else. It’s that you rubbed that somebody in my face and made me feel like crap. Never have I cried so much. I get nauseous just thinking about you. So please, go away. I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want to be your anything. G.O.

If someone you love hurts you
cry a river,
build a bridge,
and get over it.

Scariest Thing

Maybe you got tired of me after years of marriage. Maybe it was the weight I gained after having the girls. Maybe it was our conflicting work schedules. Maybe we drifted apart over time without realizing it. Or maybe you’re a cheating liar I never should have trusted. R.S.

Loving you is the scariest
thing I have ever feared.
James Browning

An Expiration Date

How could I have known when you said “I love you” it had an expiration date? I thought you were still as deeply in love with me as I am with you. Now you say you can’t help it, but love for me is no longer in your heart. I am so lost and confused with no idea what to say. K.W.

I never felt true love
until I was with you,
and I never felt true sadness
until you left me.