Like a Puzzle

broken20heart11When you love someone, they become part of you. Maybe that’s why it hurts so much that you’re gone and there’s hole where my feelings for you are stored. I’m in no big hurry to try to fill that space because I know it will take a long time to stop loving you. B.E.


Love is like a puzzle.
When you’re in love, all the pieces fit
but when your heart gets broken,
it takes a while to get everything back together.

A Hallow In Me

broken20heart11I don’t want you back, I just want to get over you. That’s impossible when you won’t leave me alone. Let me be clear. I don’t want to see you or talk to you. I don’t want email or texts from you. Forget my address, lose my number and leave me alone. B.C.


You took my heart and you held it in your mouth
And, with a word all my love came rushing out
And, every whisper, it’s the worst,
emptied out by a single word…
Every whisper, every sigh
Eats away at this heart of mine
And there is a hollow in me now.
Florence Welch

Well Learned Lesson

broken20heart11Why did I fall for someone who isn’t really for me? Should I blame myself for loving the wrong one? Or should I blame the man I fell for because he made me feel he was the right one? Or should I just chalk it up to a well learned lesson on the road of life? F.W.


You can not appreciate the right one
unless you meet some wrong ones.

Only Want You

broken20heart11I looked for a long time. A day, a week, a month or a year eventually always showed each to be a bad match for me. Then you came along. We were so very happy until we made a mess of things. I can’t let go and don’t care who did what. I I only want  you. C.A.


is hard to find,
hard to keep,
hard to forget.
Alysha Speer

Decaying Love

broken20heart11The grief of losing you has softened me, but I don’t think I will ever fall in love again. More sorrow added to what I already carry would most certainly break me. Decaying love has poisoned my heart. I am forever changed. J.D.


She is the kind of girl who is
always smiling and loves to laugh.
If you are falling down,
she will be there to pick you up.
She is the one that always says sorry,
even if it’s not her fault.
Even if she is feeling
like the scum of the earth,
she will never let you know.
This is the girl who is afraid to love,
because she has already lost so much.


broken20heart1Unwise. Silly. Dim-witted. Foolish. Stupid. Dense. Self-centered. Out of touch. And just plain wrong. Those are just a few of the words that describe my behavior. I mistreated you badly and acted liked you’d always be here and never leave me. WRONG! D.S.


Too often we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone.
Too often we’re too stubborn to say
“I’m sorry, I was wrong.”
Too often It seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts.
And we let the most foolish things tear us apart.

Fade Away In Flames

broken20heart1When you leave in the morning I know you’re not coming back. We had our time and now we have to move on. For a few hours tonight I beg you to pretend you are in love with me like you used to be. Let’s light the fire within us again and fade away in flames. S.D.


Turn down the lights, turn down the bed,
Turn down these voices inside my head,
Lay down with me, tell me no lies,
Just hold me close, don’t patronize… me,
Cause I can’t make you love me if you don’t,
You can’t make your heart feel something it won’t.
From “I Can’t Make You Love Me” sung by Bonnie Raitt
Written by Reid, Michael, Shamblin, Allen

Done With You

broken20heart1You didn’t do a thing to make me want to stay. You can’t blame me for walking away after all your cheating and drunken behaviors. Now you say you’ll change. Problem is you’ve told me that many times before. I done Baby… absolutely done with you. L.L.


What they do to you hurts,
but realizing that
they don’t love you
kills you inside
and breaks your heart
into a thousand pieces.
Sonya Parker

I Tried

broken20heart1I’m not gonna waste my time giving you a second chance. There’s someone who treats me better looking for a first chance. I’m going to give it to her. I tried to love you enough so you’d love yourself. Now I know that’s impossible; you hate yourself. J.S.


I gave you my heart,
thinking you loved me back,
but I guess you just wanted to
use it for a while then smash it.
Azgraybebly Joslan

No One Can Get Close

broken20heart1If time heals all wounds, then how much time does it take? I thought after a couple of years I’d have moved on. I go out. I date. But no one can get close to me. I feel like I am being unfaithful if someone starts to. Pretty foolish since you cheated on me and left! B.C.


You can’t do anything
for a person who is stuck
between being happy and being miserable.
All you can do is get trapped in the middle,
and anyone in the middle just gets squished.
Jack Gantos