Demons I’ve Kept Hidden

I believed loving you and being loved by you would solve my problems. Our love is vibrant and strong, but could not slay my demons I’ve kept hidden far too long. The monsters got loose. In anger I did things I regret; said what I wish I never spoke. Please forgive me. D.W.

Praise love not over much,
It answer few questions,
Love is such and such,
and has its own congestions.
The lonely seek relief,
Longing breeds distress.
But unity is grief,
love, short happiness.
Wisdom feeds upon the lost.
Beauty comes without a fee.
Other things exact no cost,
the sky, the sun, the tree.
Take it if it fits.
Praise love not overmuch,
nor ask too much of it,
for love is such and such.
Kenneth L. Patton

Paint A Perfect Smile

You broke my heart and six months later I forgave you and let you back into my life. Then you left me in ruin a second time. Now you’re back begging for forgiveness again. I can’t do it. I just can’t. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. S.R.

Paint a perfect smile
Straight onto my face.
Wash it off good
Don’t leave any trace,
Of our happy times
The days we shared.
Hours of togetherness
Back when we cared
But we lost touch
My hand slipped from yours.
We went our ways
And closed open doors.
Then times got tough;
I needed you.
My heart was empty
My sadness grew.
I silently wept
As you left me there
Lost and alone.
I just can’t bare
Another lost heart
Or even more crying.
I need someone here
To do what you never would
Paint a permanent smile
The way you never could.
From Paint a Smile by ‘Hanna Smoothie’

Am I Crazy or Are You?

Why do you torture me? You constantly flirt with women & look at every one who walks by. You ignore me when we’re at a party & spend your time with others. You put me down in public & treat me badly. Am I crazy for allowing it or are you crazy for doing it? BOTH! T.R.

I wish my brain
had a map
to tell my heart
where to go.

Back When We Cared

Never will I forget driving when you got so angry over almost nothing and ruined everything. You said horrible things, then threw your engagement ring out my car window. We stopped but did not find it.  Your tears and sorry’s could not repair what damage you had done. R.B.

Paint a perfect smile,
Straight onto my face,
Wash it off good,
Don’t leave any trace,
Of our happy times,
The days we shared
Back when we cared.