From The Start

broken20heart1I knew from the start you were wrong for me, but I didn’t believe it. You said and did all the right things; at first. Then as the real you began to come out I was blinded by love and refused to see it. My unwillingness to see what you really were broke my heart. F.L.


When love is lost,
do not bow your head in sadness;
instead keep your head up high
and gaze into heaven for that is
where your broken heart
has been sent to heal.

Like I Did You

broken20heart1My heart has been broken many times, but never like when I lost you. The depth of the grief helped me harden my heart to keep anyone from getting that close again. And they haven’t. Yes, I have loved since you, but I have never loved again like I did you. D.O.


A mighty pain to love it is,
And ’tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.
Abraham Cowley

So Wrong

broken20heart1Time is healing my broken heart and clearing my mistaken mind. Your opinions of me were so wrong. I was never as bad as you made me out to be. My opinions of you were so wrong too. You weren’t all that great and did little for me except make my life miserable. P.S.


A man never knows
how to say goodbye;
a woman never knows
when to say it.
Helen Rowland

Paint A Perfect Smile

You broke my heart and six months later I forgave you and let you back into my life. Then you left me in ruin a second time. Now you’re back begging for forgiveness again. I can’t do it. I just can’t. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. S.R.

Paint a perfect smile
Straight onto my face.
Wash it off good
Don’t leave any trace,
Of our happy times
The days we shared.
Hours of togetherness
Back when we cared
But we lost touch
My hand slipped from yours.
We went our ways
And closed open doors.
Then times got tough;
I needed you.
My heart was empty
My sadness grew.
I silently wept
As you left me there
Lost and alone.
I just can’t bare
Another lost heart
Or even more crying.
I need someone here
To do what you never would
Paint a permanent smile
The way you never could.
From Paint a Smile by ‘Hanna Smoothie’

Out of the Frames

FINALLY, this weekend I took the photos of you/us out of the frames and burned them in the fireplace. The books and clothes you left are boxed up for charity to pick up. I put up or gave away everything that reminds me of you. Now maybe I can let go of you;  FINALLY! C.G.

We have to allow ourselves to be loved
by the people who really love us,
the people who really matter.
Too much of the time,
we are blinded by our own pursuits of people
to love us, people that don’t even matter,
while all that time we waste and the people who do love us
have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets!
It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time for us to let ourselves be loved.
 C. Joybell C.

Relentless and Irreversible

Don’t be upset that I don’t love you any more. Be upset that I once did and don’t any more. I gave you my heart but you treated me horribly. You should never have hit me the first time, much less the second or third. Once I began to fear you my heart emptied quickly. D.P.

I know that it’s easier to look at death
than it is to look at pain,
because while death is irrevocable,
and the grief will lessen in time,
pain is too often merely relentless and irreversible.
Robert Goolrick

Retribution, Justice or Karma

I hope she was worth it. You traded two years of love for a wild weekend with a woman who, in time, will cheat on you just like what you did to me. Retribution, justice or karma, a reckoning will come to cause the payback you owe.  I hope it hurts even more than you hurt me. M.O.

Love dies in many different ways,
and it’s natural for the grass
to seem greener on the other side.
But it’s not a competition;
there’s plenty of pain to go around.
Rob Sheffield

I Thought Never

 Misunderstand me (often). Mistrust me. (why?). Beg for forgiveness. (frequently). Abuse me (you’re guilty!). Apologize (all the time). Take me for granted (regularly). Shower me with affection (seldom). Cheat on me (YES!) Hurt me (you have… BADLY). Goodbye!  L.E.

My heart is sunk and moist is eye,
As nothing is more painful than the last good-bye.
These two words would change my life forever,
As a life without you, I thought never.
From “The Last Goodbye” by Dinesh K.

Hard To Breathe

When we broke up, I could hardly breathe. Once I caught my breath, I didn’t want to eat. When food interested me again, I wanted to be alone. Eventually I was able to be with people again but they made me think of you. Those thoughts made it hard to breathe. S.J.

Emotions are wild horses.
It is not explanations that carry us forward,
but our will to go on.
Paulo Coelho

Echoes that Ricochet

It seems the more I try to put thoughts of you out of my mind the more stuck in my head our memories become. You were the only woman I ever completely trusted. I still find it hard to believe that someone I had such faith and belief in could hurt me the way you did. R.Y.


There is that tree
Where I carved your name
Where the happiest place
Now causes pain.
“I love you” you said
Got used to those words
Now echoes that ricochet
Still in my head.
From “Memories of You”
by Kerry from New Zealand