No One Knows

broken20heart11There are no visible traces on me of the pain you caused. The outward wounds are all healed and I appear just fine. And most of the time I am. But once in a while one of the bruises you left on my heart acts up. It hurts, but no one knows but me. L.E.


External scar’s fade in time,
they may seem horrid and garish
when they happen but they change
and soon you’re just left with a little blemish or mark.
It’s the internal ones that are invisible to others that give the deepest pain,
the most hurt…

Decaying Love

broken20heart11The grief of losing you has softened me, but I don’t think I will ever fall in love again. More sorrow added to what I already carry would most certainly break me. Decaying love has poisoned my heart. I am forever changed. J.D.


She is the kind of girl who is
always smiling and loves to laugh.
If you are falling down,
she will be there to pick you up.
She is the one that always says sorry,
even if it’s not her fault.
Even if she is feeling
like the scum of the earth,
she will never let you know.
This is the girl who is afraid to love,
because she has already lost so much.

An Inevitable Part of Me

broken20heart1I loved you when I was twenty-one and still when thirty-one rolled around. The years pass without you. People come and go. Some I remember well. Others I can’t even recall their names. Now I’m over forty and still in love with a man I can’t have. H.E.


The pain started years ago,
but I’d lived with it for so long
at that point that I’d accepted it
as an inevitable part of me.
From “Leaping”
by Ashley D. Wallis

A Thoughtless Transgression

broken20heart1My mind is a thousand times sorry. My soul at least twice as much. But it’s my heart that regrets uncountable times. You are ‘the one’ but I let a moments lust take me over. I cheated in a thoughtless transgression that is now my lifetime sorrow to bear. O.A.


How can one so seemingly friendly
betray all trusts and defect so readily?
How can one so high of morals
inflict only pain and dwell on sorrows?
How can one so soundly virtuous
commit heinous crimes and be so torturous?
How can one so quick with generosity
stoop so low and never bother with an apology?
How can one so reliably loyal
forsake all friendships and live in turmoil?
How can one have each and every quality
fail so blatantly and give in to frivolity?
and why did this one have to be me?

Driving Me Insane

broken20heart1My sadness is hidden. I don’t let it show. Everyone thinks I’m fine, but that’s just an act I am putting on. If I’m fine it means: Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. I don’t want anyone to know I miss you so much it is driving me insane. P.O.


I think of you in silence
Imaging things are still the same.
But all I have left are memories
and a heart around your name.
My spirit aches with sadness
and invisible tears steadily flow.
What it meant to lose you
no-one will ever know.


broken20heart1I have tried to leave you behind. I have tried to evict you from my heart. I have tried to let go. I have tried to move on, but with every new guy I feel more & more like I’ll never be able to replace you. And the sad thing is I know I have already been replaced. A.I.


Forget the times he walked by.
Forget the times he made you cry.
Forget the times he spoke your name.
Remember now you’re not the same.
Forget the times he held your hand.
Forget the sweet things if you can.
Forget the good times & don’t pretend.
Remember now he’s just your friend.

You Did Not Break My Heart

broken20heart1I feel sad this morning and it’s all my fault. We shared a unique and special life together, but I kept looking for something else thinking there must be more. I had it all and only realized it after you were gone. You did not break my heart. I did. C.B.

Heart Broken Sad Quotes wallpaper
Hurt shouldn’t pile up like this inside of someone.
No one should suffocate beneath pain on top of pain.
You should have time to breathe,
time to scream it out
until it doesn’t exist anymore.
Sharde Richardson

Thinking Wrongly

broken20heart1I loved you but did not know how to say it. The only love I ever wanted was with you. The life I needed was for ‘US’ to be together. Inside me I kept all my feelings bottled up thinking wrongly you’d somehow know that for me you were the ‘ONE’. R.L.


In truth, there are only two realities:
the one for people who are in love or love each other,
and the one for people who are standing outside all that.
Charles Baxter

My Quivering Broken Heart

broken20heart1Pretenders have taken advantage of me. Players have played me. Abusers have abused me. But yet my quivering broken heart says, “I will not stop believing you’re out there somewhere; the one who deserves my love. Do you feel me like I do you?” B.C.


The thinnest slice would be teeming
with memories of a love so strong
it turned you inside out and left you gasping,
and would be an identical match
to a slice stored in the heart of a soul mate.
Jodi Picoult

Please Stay Away

broken20heart1If we run into each other please don’t look me in the eye. I’d fall for you again because I am weak and would do anything to have you back. I don’t have another heart to lose and the one you broke is still trying to heal. Please stay away.


…each heart
is made of
a different stone;
no two feel alike
nor break the same way…
John Geddes