Please Stay Away

broken20heart1If we run into each other please don’t look me in the eye. I’d fall for you again because I am weak and would do anything to have you back. I don’t have another heart to lose and the one you broke is still trying to heal. Please stay away.


…each heart
is made of
a different stone;
no two feel alike
nor break the same way…
John Geddes

Not Stuck Back There

broken20heart1The tiny pewter angel you gave me for protection long ago still goes on every trip. The little velvet bag it travels in is worn and wrinkled from its many journeys. You may be long gone, but my love for you is not. I am not stuck back there, but will never forget. C.B.


Scars have the strange power
to remind us that our past is real.
Cormac McCarthy

Between Dream and Awakened Reality

broken20heart1It’s been a long time since I last saw you, but you’re still in my dreams. Each day no more than a few hours pass when I don’t think of you. Remembering waking up together is the hardest. In moments between dreams and awakened reality I forget you’re gone. J.B.


When you lose someone, you get used
to living day-to-day without them.
But you’ll never get used to
the “10 second heartbreak.”
That’s the time it takes to wake
to full consciousness each day
and remember…
Nina Guilbeau

Get You Back

broken20heart1Blame is self-destructive habit, but I do it anyway. I blame me for letting you go. I blame you for leaving. Over and over I’ve tried to figure out what happened. I have decided instead of being tormented by your memory, I am going to try to get you back. C.O.


Our eyes crossed,
my voice was lost,
Her smile destroyed my soul;
Words were broken,
thoughts were awoken,
Why must she torment me so.
From a poem by Peter Wetzel

Love Is Never Lost

broken20heart1For so long I tried to hate you. What I couldn’t see was all I accomplished was to build a hard outer heart hiding my love for you inside. Over time the crust disintegrated and I was able to let you go. It was only then I realized loving you had been good for me.


Love is never lost.
If not reciprocated,
it will flow back
and soften
and purify the heart.
Washington Irving

Deaf and Dumb

broken20heart1I’m dazed and amazed by how fast you dropped me and moved on. I thought we’d be together till death parted us, but we lasted only until you grew tired of me. So blind I was to not imagine the possibility. Love isn’t only blind. It’s deaf and dumb as well. R.E.

flat,a550x550,075,fI never knew how quickly
I would go from someone
that you loved
to someone you used to know.
Collin Raye

Black-Hearted Monster

broken20heart1Even though I don’t want you after how deeply you hurt me, my heart still jumps a half beat when I hear about you. Seeing you in the distance when you don’t see me rattles me for hours. No, I don’t want you but I still love you. Wish that would go away. L.M.


Every fairytale has a villain.
All high quality happy endings
involve a black-hearted monster.
I just didn’t want you to be mine.
Coco J. Ginger

The Hardest Part

broken20heart1Most days I do okay and even find myself smiling and laughing again. But there’s still a dull ache that never seems to go away. It reminds me you’re gone and aren’t coming back. Missing you isn’t the hardest part, knowing I once had you is what breaks my heart. T.D.

Heart of the Machine

A final comfort that is small,
but not cold:
The heart is the only broken
instrument that works.
T.E. Kalem

Image by Audrey J. Ross

Top of the List

broken20heart1If I could go back and change one thing about my life, you and I’d still be together and deeply in love. I know it wasn’t all me, but it is was my actions that finally drove us apart. On my list of regrets, losing you is at the top of the list. Years later I am still not over you. C.B.


The funny thing about a
broken heart is that it’s not fatal.
Though you wish in vain that it were,
life continues on and you have
no choice but to continue on with it.
You take the hand that fate has dealt you
and you press forward because
is nothing else that can be done.
Tracy Winegar

I’m Through

broken20heart1I want to be with you, but I’m afraid of getting hurt and because of that, I end up getting hurt more. I sit here and say I don’t care about you and I’m not going to let you hurt me, and just by saying that I know that you already have. It’s not your fault, it never is. It’s me. D.J.


I’m through with romance,
I’m through with love,
I’m through with counting the stars above,
and here’s the reason that I’m so free,
my loving baby is through with me.
Everly Brothers