Day By Day

broken20heart1 Until the words “I don’t love you anymore” came from your lips I had no idea you were drifting way? Why did I let work take me over so completely that I was losing the most important person in my life and didn’t know it? Without you nothing else matters. T.P.


Isn’t it funny
how day by day
nothing changes
but when you look back
everything is different….
C.S. Lewis

Ready To Love Again

broken20heart1It took time to look back and appreciate how much loving you benefited me. We broke each other’s heart but learned how to love by being together. What was then is no more but our time is a sweet treasure to me. My heart has healed now. I am ready to love again. T.P.

in the light

I hid my heart in a nest of roses,
Out of the sun’s way, hidden apart;
In a softer bed than the soft white snow’s is,
Under the roses I hid my heart.
Algernon Charles Swinburne

Could It Be?

My heart has been broken many times and disappointed many times more. Mistakes and ill choices were often made in ignorance. But I am older, wiser and know better how to love and be loved now. As long my lungs breathe I will hope for the ‘one’ to find me. O.O.

Could it be that I once saw you
In a dream as old as time
And could it be the arms holding you
Were really mine the whole time?
Could you have been my one and only
The reason I woke each new day
The one thing I always needed
The one for whom I use to pray?
Could it be that I still love you
And once again I’ll find
That you’re not just a memory
Only to be viewed in my mind?
Could it be, oh Lord I pray,
Just one thing I ask of you
If you’re out there waiting
You’ll try to find me too?
Taken from “Could It Be” by Freida Martinez

Loving Again

Never thought my broken heart would begin to mend, much less want to love again. Doubts swirl as old wounds ache with the thought of giving my heart once more, but I am stronger and better now. I have just enough left to risk it all and love one more time. J.R.B.

is like a
thousand lessons.
Loving again
is learning them.
Sandra McKendry

Looking Back

Looking back ten years later the certainty of youth looks like childish chaos. There’s no doubt we loved each other, but hurt each other so badly. We didn’t know any better. For my part I’m sorry and forgive you for yours. You’re in my heart now and forever. T.O.

I loved you yesterday,
I love you still,
I always have,
and I always will.

The First Step

You were the latest in a long line of “wrong people” I got involved with. I finally understand my problem. The consistent thread between all the abusive relationships I’ve been in is me! Realizing my ability to pick a good partner is messed up is the first step in fixing that. L.S.

Be the flame,
not the moth.
Giacomo Casanova

To Have Loved and Lost

The worst of the pain is behind me and now I clearly see I’m better for loving you and having been loved by you. It took time to separate light from dark, good from bad, but it’s obvious now. More than anything else ever in my life our love changed me for the better. C.S.

I hold it true, whate’er befall,
I feel it when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all.
Alfred Tennyson

No One Can Fix It

Was I only a another conquest? Did you love me at all? Or was I only what you desired that once obtained lost its appeal? In a day you went from saying you couldn’t live without me to breaking up with me for someone else. I hate myself for letting you treat me this way. R.W.

My heart…
You tore it.
Piece by piece you shredded it.
And no one can fix it.
No one wants to.
Because they look at what you made me.
A girl with permanent tears painted on her face.
I am now just an empty void.
There is no desire to want to love again.

But Now I Do

I have been in love again since I fell in love with you, but my heart has never felt so strongly since.  We were too young then to know the value of what we discovered, so it got lost and left behind.  I still carry you in my heart; always will I think. First true love never fades. J.B.

I wasn’t sure I believed in love.
Then I met you.
I wasn’t sure I could make love last.
Then I fell for you.
I wasn’t sure who I was;
What I wanted from life;
But now I do.
I thank you
From the bottom of my heart
For loving me through and through.
“Thank You” by Sarah Spoors

I Won’t Hear You

After the way your old boyfriend hurt you, I can’t believe you’re leaving me to go back to him again. He’ll break your heart like before then you’ll come running back crying and saying you’re sorry. But I won’t hear you. I’m done. I won’t be a fool for you anymore. L.T.

When one is in love,
one always begins
by deceiving oneself,
and one always ends
by deceiving others.
That is what the world
calls a romance.
Oscar Wilde