broken20heart1Things were going so well. I had begun to believe I didn’t need you and was finally getting over our breakup. I was almost accustomed to life without you and doing good on my own. Then I saw you on the street. You smiled at me and ruined it all. H.S.


When will it stop?
the pain
that darkness
that… that… that…
that part of me
that was Y-O-U!
Why can’t you fill it?
Why did you leave?
Why, Why, Why?

It Couldn’t Be You

broken20heart1It happened again yesterday. I thought I heard a car pull up into driveway and was halfway to the door before realizing it couldn’t be you. You’re not coming back. It was only the neighbor getting home early. My longing for you will take a long time to stop. S.O.


In my story you’re the villain.
But in my heart,
you’re still the reigning King.
Coco J. Ginger

Please Stay Away

broken20heart1If we run into each other please don’t look me in the eye. I’d fall for you again because I am weak and would do anything to have you back. I don’t have another heart to lose and the one you broke is still trying to heal. Please stay away.


…each heart
is made of
a different stone;
no two feel alike
nor break the same way…
John Geddes

Absolutely Nothing

broken20heart1My prayers are often that I’ll stop loving you, stop wanting you and give up. I guess I have not hurt enough yet. I can’t believe I think that because you have hurt me badly over and over again. Somehow I must find the strength to get away from you. R.H.

Injured woman leaning sadly on wooden wall

I wish I had
Then there would be
No need to impress you.
No need to want you.
No need for loving you.
No need for crying over you.
No need for heart breaks.
No need for pain or tears.
No need for forgotten promises.
No need for rejected hugs.
No need for crying myself to sleep.
No need for acting like you care.
No need for everything you’ve done
to make me feel like absolutely nothing.

It’s You…

broken20heart1I begged and pleaded but you said you didn’t love me anymore. You wanted to leave, so I had to let you go. Life was hard for a long time. I’m doing okay now, but I have not forgotten you. The part of my heart with your name on it will never completely heal. R.P.


Baby, baby.
It’s you I’m thinking of.
In the morning
when I wake up.
In the evening,
it’s you that I dream of.
From “Things I’d Like To Say”
by the New Colony Six

Get You Back

broken20heart1Blame is self-destructive habit, but I do it anyway. I blame me for letting you go. I blame you for leaving. Over and over I’ve tried to figure out what happened. I have decided instead of being tormented by your memory, I am going to try to get you back. C.O.


Our eyes crossed,
my voice was lost,
Her smile destroyed my soul;
Words were broken,
thoughts were awoken,
Why must she torment me so.
From a poem by Peter Wetzel

Wish I Could Be Free

broken20heart1My heart is still cluttered with memories of ‘us’. Like in a house filled with too many things I can’t find room for anyone new. It’s pathetic to hold on when you left me behind long ago. I wish I could be free of you. This love I carry is a curse. G.P. 


I wish I knew how it would feel to be free;
I wish I could break all the chains holding me;
I wish I could say all the things that I should say;
say ’em loud, say ’em clear
for the whole round world to hear.
I wish I could share all the love that’s in my heart;
remove all the bars that keep us apart.
Lyrics from a Nina Simone song
by Bill Taylor and Dick Dallas

No One Can Get Close

broken20heart1If time heals all wounds, then how much time does it take? I thought after a couple of years I’d have moved on. I go out. I date. But no one can get close to me. I feel like I am being unfaithful if someone starts to. Pretty foolish since you cheated on me and left! B.C.


You can’t do anything
for a person who is stuck
between being happy and being miserable.
All you can do is get trapped in the middle,
and anyone in the middle just gets squished.
Jack Gantos

No Control Over My Heart

broken20heart1 Trying to stop caring about you has made me so f’ing miserable! I feel stupid because I can’t stop loving someone who hurt me like you did. Realizing I have no control over my heart, finally I’ve given up. It’ll heal when it does. Till then I must endure this love. J.S.


Love couldn’t be moved by circumstance,
poor choices, or even blatant lies;
skewed and damaged, yes,
but the heart couldn’t deny
what it wanted most once the desire was planted.
Whether in bliss or affliction, love owned you all the same.
From “The Tragedy of Knowledge” by Rachael Wade

Before I Become A Ridiculous Fool?

broken20heart1The hardest part about you leaving me is I can’t stop thinking about you. There are fewer thoughts now than right after you left, but I still spend too much time wishing things could be good for ‘us’ again. How long can I hope that before I become a ridiculous fool? T.G.


I want to feel your touch
on my skin.
I want to hear your voice
whisper in my ear.
I want you to love me
like I loved you.
I want you to hurt like
I have been hurting
I wish fairy tales were true
because you
you would have saved my heart,
not broken it in two.