Do You Love Me or Not?

broken20heart11You hurt me in little ways you don’t even notice. Scanning and half reading my texts makes me wonder if you really care. Not calling when you say you will is upsetting. Making small promises and not following through pains me. Do you love me or not? B.R.J.


Don’t be mad
when someone else starts
to appreciate the person
you took for granted.
What you won’t do,
someone else will.
Nikhil Saluja

Haunted By Your Past

broken20heart11I believe you love me, but I’m afraid that will change some day. You’ve been with so many. There is no certainty that I, alone, can be enough for you. How do I calm my fear? Why did they leave you behind or did you leave them? My love is haunted by your past. G.T.


I’m afraid…
Afraid that I might lose you…
Afraid that you might find someone else…
Afraid that your love for me will end…
Afraid that everything we have gone through,
Might not mean the same as what it means to me…
Afraid that you’ll forget…
Afraid that you’ll give up…
Afraid that you’ll stop caring…
Afraid that you’ll get tired…
Afraid that something will come up and ruin us…
Afraid that you’re not afraid…
Afraid that I love you too much…
Afraid to lose you…
I fear it more than anything in this world…
Because you, my Dear,
is who my heart has chosen to love,
My fear is greater than I will ever be..
So I ask of you..
Simply love me more than you ever thought you could love…
Just love me….

Please Help Me

broken20heart11Insecurities tear at me and it hurts when you go out partying with your friends. You were wild in the past, but I have no reason to doubt you since we’ve been together. Please help me stop the painful worrying about losing you or being cheated on. T.G.


One is easily fooled
by that which one loves.
Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere

Broken or Made Whole?

broken20heart11Like an addict needs a drug, I need you. We have problems getting along, but even in the moments I despise you I still love you. You make me cry with pain and joy. Sooner or later one or the other has to take over. Will my heart be broken or made whole? Y.U.


I love you.
I hate you.
I like you.
I hate you.
I love you.
I think you’re stupid.
I think you’re a loser.
I think you’re wonderful.
I want to be with you.
I don’t want to be with you.
I would never date you.
I hate you.
I love you…
..I think the madness started the moment we met
and you shook my hand.
Did you have a disease or something?
Shannon Alder

In the Night I Pray

broken20heart11With a depth I’ve not felt never before or since, I loved you. Our time brought highs and joy when we were new then crushed and tore me as we fell apart. We damaged each other so much. Love could not survive. I wonder if feelings so deep will ever come again.  W.L.


Love entered in my heart one day
A sad, unwelcome guest.
But when it begged that it might stay
I let it stay and rest.
It broke my nights with sorrowing
It filled my heart with fears
And, when my soul was prone to sing
It filled my eyes with tears.
But…now that it has gone its way
I miss the dear ole pain.
And, sometimes, in the night I pray
That love might come again.
J. California Cooper

Once In a Lifetime

broken20heart11Being with you was not the first time I have fallen in love, but it was the deepest plunge my heart has ever made. I’ll never again be able to give as much again as I gave you. Once in a life time only comes one time. E.W.


She’d cried over a broken heart before.
She knew what that felt like,
and it didn’t feel like this.
Her heart felt
not so much broken
as just …
Ann Brashares

Decaying Love

broken20heart11The grief of losing you has softened me, but I don’t think I will ever fall in love again. More sorrow added to what I already carry would most certainly break me. Decaying love has poisoned my heart. I am forever changed. J.D.


She is the kind of girl who is
always smiling and loves to laugh.
If you are falling down,
she will be there to pick you up.
She is the one that always says sorry,
even if it’s not her fault.
Even if she is feeling
like the scum of the earth,
she will never let you know.
This is the girl who is afraid to love,
because she has already lost so much.

How Screwed Up I Am

broken20heart1I want to give you my whole heart, but can’t. I’m afraid you’ll find out how screwed up I am if you get that close. It confuses me to love you so much and hate myself at the same time. If I don’t share my true feelings with you soon I know you’ll leave me. H.F.


A woman who is not happy with herself
can never be happy for someone else.
Kamryn Adams

Do You Realize…

broken20heart1We date for a while. Then you don’t return phone calls. After a few weeks you pop up again and we look like a couple for a few weeks. But you always disappear again. A little at a time you’re tearing my heart up. Do you realize what you’re doing to me? D.W.


I feel I’ve needed you
since the beginning of time
on my way to wisdom I ask,
will you ever be mine?
Derek del Barrio

So I Ran Away

broken20heart1Chasing a career is how I explained moving often all over the country for jobs. I thought having a new boyfriend every few months just meant I had not found the right guy. Then I fell completely in love with you. It scared me. So I ran away from you too. J.B.


Moving on is easy.
It’s staying moved
on that’s trickier.
Katerina Stoykova Klemer