Into Pieces So Numerous

broken20heart1There’s no doubt we loved each other, but we hurt each other so badly. Our relationship is like a vase shattered into pieces so numerous and small it can never be put back together. Without kindness, understanding and forgiveness our love did not survive. A.O.


No persons
are more
frequently wrong,
than those who
will not admit
they are wrong.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Never Saw You Again

broken20heart1Getting involved with an engaged woman was crazy. The months we secretly shared were wonderful with plenty of horrible moments mixed in. The night before your wedding you showed up at my front door. We spent the night together. I never saw you again. D.E.


It seemed so good when it started.
I gave my trust to you.
I came to you open-hearted,
Hoping it was true.
Now I’ve gotten smart.
Now I’ve learned some things.
Now I know that what once was a start,
Is just an ending.
The longest good-bye
I ever knew,
The longest good-bye
Was the day
I said hello to you.
Heather Lynn Rigaud

Reminders Everywhere

broken20heart1We spent eight years together. There are reminders everywhere. Things I still have, restaurants we liked, places where special moments happened, the neighborhood we lived in and even the streets we drove together all remind me of you; always will. C.S.


Forgetting isn’t enough.
You can paddle away
from the memories
and think they are gone.
But they will keep floating back,
and again and again.
They circle you, like sharks.
Sara Zarr

Most People Don’t Grow Up

broken20heart1You go to a game when there’s work to be done on our house. We never go out, but you often get drunk with your buddies. You have no ambition. The only job you’re able to keep is in construction. I’m tired of taking care of two kids when one of them is you! B.O.


Most people don’t grow up.
Most people age.
They find parking spaces,
honor their credit cards,
get married, have children,
and call that maturity.
What that is, is aging.
Maya Angelou

Before I Become A Ridiculous Fool?

broken20heart1The hardest part about you leaving me is I can’t stop thinking about you. There are fewer thoughts now than right after you left, but I still spend too much time wishing things could be good for ‘us’ again. How long can I hope that before I become a ridiculous fool? T.G.


I want to feel your touch
on my skin.
I want to hear your voice
whisper in my ear.
I want you to love me
like I loved you.
I want you to hurt like
I have been hurting
I wish fairy tales were true
because you
you would have saved my heart,
not broken it in two.

The Hardest Lie

broken20heart1Your job took you far away to a foreign country. I did not see you for over a year. At first we talked on the phone and emailed a lot, but less and less as time passed. It never occurred to me the reason was you had someone new until you came home and told me. E.L.


‘I’m happy for you!’
is the hardest lie
to tell when
your old
love found
someone new.

It Is A Fever

broken20heart1Time has smoothed off the rough edges of my memory. Now almost nothing but good times remain including some incredibly touching parts. The bad we shared wasn’t that bad and the joyful moments were amazing. We were just ‘kids” then who didn’t have a clue. E.T.


I am glad it cannot happen twice,
the fever of first love.
For it is a fever,
and a burden, too,
whatever the poets may say.
Daphne du Maurier