My Poor Heart

broken20heart1Not your fault. Not mind either. Over time, distance didn’t make the heart grow fonder; it made it forget instead. Neither of us is to blame. A thousand miles between us is. We have to either find a way to live in the same city and try again or move on separately. K.M.

stityching up my heart

I am sorry, so very sorry, my poor heart.
I promised you that you would never have
to know such pain ever again, and that a life frozen
would be best. I let you thaw out for a woman,
taking a risk. It was slow, as to ease you back into
the warmth, that I chose to allow you out. I hoped
you would burn brighter than you once did, and
you showed so much more than I could have imagined.
You knew the risks as well as I, and followed my lead.
I am sorry, that this has happened once more.
You deserve so much more than this pain I have allowed.

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