Can’t Stand Such Scrutiny

broken20heart1There are moments I wish I’d been simpler; wanted less; found fewer faults; lived more in the present; spent less time looking back and glancing forward. Young love can’t stand such scrutiny. I went looking for someone better but never even found your equal. D.O.

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Sometimes I think I still can’t live without you.
A dull ache inside me
Realizes my yearning to be a part of your life.
The years have come and gone.
I never hear your name.
I don’t even know anyone who knows you.
Most of the time I believe I have changed –
Outgrown the ME who loved YOU.
A song, a scene, a scent
Catches my heart off guard,
And reminds me of you.
Even after all these years,
I think I still can’t live without you.
With Time” by NancySue Krenrich Hamm

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