Two Different Puzzles

Once I looked clearly at all the pieces there wasn’t a puzzle anymore. We just don’t fit together. The two of us are far too different. It won’t work!  All the pieces are from two very different puzzles. It hurts like hell to say, but we’re not meant to be together. H.W.

Frustrated because I can’t tell if it’s real.
Mad because I don’t know how you feel.
Upset because we can’t make it right.
Sad because I need you day and night.
Angry because you won’t take my hand.
Aggravated because you don’t understand.
Disappointed because we can’t be together,
but still I’ll love you forever.

Perpetual Sadness

I grieve the death of your love everyday. People I loved deeply have died. Bearing that grief was difficult, but it passed in time. Them being gone helped me accept their passing. Knowing you are still alive and doing well without me brings perpetual sadness. L.G.

Yet nothing can to nothing fall,
Nor any place be empty quite;
Therefore I think my breast hath all
Those pieces still, though they be not unite;
And now, as broken glasses show
A hundred lesser faces, so
My rags of heart can like, wish, and adore,
But after one such love, can love no more.
John Donne

Foresake Me Again

You say you love me and I say I love you too. On one hand I’m happy and on the other fearful. Once before you expressed your feelings this way and left me a year later. I’ve let you back into my life, but can’t make the fear go away that you will forsake me again. A.F.

You say that you love rain,
but you open your umbrella when it rains…
You say that you love the sun,
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines…
You say that you love the wind,
But you close your windows when wind blows…
This is why I am afraid;
You say that you love me too…
Turkish poem called “I Am Afraid” (Korkuyorum)

Greatest Proof of Love

 I never said “I love you”, but thought you knew. You want romance, passion and love expressed openly which I can’t do. You deserve to have what you need. So I will let you go without my feelings ever being known. It’s the greatest proof of my love I have to give. S.S.

Looking back,
I have this to regret,
that too often when I loved,
I did not say so.
David Grayson

To Have Loved and Lost

The worst of the pain is behind me and now I clearly see I’m better for loving you and having been loved by you. It took time to separate light from dark, good from bad, but it’s obvious now. More than anything else ever in my life our love changed me for the better. C.S.

I hold it true, whate’er befall,
I feel it when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all.
Alfred Tennyson


I’ve never stopped thinking of you. The minutes become hours; hours turn into days. Soon there are weeks, months and years. Thoughts of you have been on my mind through five years, four months, three days, two hours and one minute. It’s 2:01am. I’m thinking of you. J.B.

They say that time
heals all wounds
but all it’s done so far
is give me more time
to think about
how much I miss you.
Ezbeth Wilder.

A Heart of Stone

I loved you. I really did. When we were together you got all I had; everything. But all wasn’t enough for someone like you who is afraid of being loved; who thinks he doesn’t deserve it. Your heart is lost. Until you find it and learn to love yourself no relationship will ever last.  A.P.

Today I found a heart of stone
Just lying on the ground
I picked it up to hear it beat
But it didn’t make a sound.
I wondered who had left it there
Some poor heartbroken soul?
A heart that’s forgotten how to love
And turned as black as coal.
Today I found a heart of stone
A “You don’t love me shrine”
It hurts too much to pick it up
This heart of stone is mine.
From “Heart of Stone” by “Whiskurz”

Trampled to Death

You constantly got so jealous it scared me. There was no reason. I was always faithful! Why were you always asking others about me, even my family when I didn’t know it? Why did you doubt me so much? My love did not fade, it was trampled to death by your mistrust. E.D.

If you had stayed,
I wouldn’t have been myself.
You made me hurt inside,
Too weak to even ask for help.
If you had stayed,
I’d have given up my dreams
And been your puppet
While you tugged hard at my strings!
By Dreamer Thinker

A Shattered Stained-Glass Window

I wish I could break all the mirrors in my mind that keep reflecting you. Memories haunt me. Sometimes I forget for an hour or two, then someone says something or I see a place that reminds me. Then I am heartbroken all over again wishing you’d come back to me. L.A.

He was like a shattered stained-glass window:
something beautiful that’s broken;
a million colors fallen on the ground
where no light can get through.
Glenda Millard

People Change

It seemed our dreams had come true. You loved me. I loved you. We thought we’d spend the rest of our lives together. We made mistakes, did things that hurt each other badly and it all slipped away.  Sadly our happily ever after became three good years and too bad ones. W.S.

People change and love will die.
You’re never good enough and
you don’t know why.
Time passes & things go wrong,
but just remember life goes on.