The Rest Has Been Preparation

There have been heart breakers, pretenders and those whose love was temporary. For a time I loved each one; some more; some less. Even after all the pain my faith remains strong that one day the love I wait for will come. All the rest has been preparation for your arrival. P.W.

I look off in the distance
at the skies of pink and blue
as the sun sets in the sky,
I am waiting for you.
The day has past, and night has come
The sky is bright with stars
But I won’t move and I won’t sleep,
I am waiting for you.
The days go by but I won’t cry,
For I know you’ll be here soon.
I won’t lose faith,
I will not stray,
I’ll stay and wait for you.
From “I Am Waiting For You” by Saphire Nightengale

Time Heals...

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