His False Affection

One day you’ll feel the pain I felt when I learned what everyone else already knew: you were cheating all while we were together. You’re corrupt, immoral, dishonorable, devious and deceitful! It’s all going to come back to you one day when what you did happens to you. S.N.

A devoted lover but a two-faced brute
Dedicated to one but committed to all;
Romantic tongue is his charming facade
Deceit is wrapped in his captivating arms.
He built a fancy and splendid world for us.
Promised me comfort and love till death.
He shared his hopes, thoughts and dreams.
He revealed his fears, sorrows and pain.
He gave me a glimpse of his thrilling life
And made me feel we are united and one.
I entrusted my heart, I relied on his love.
Oh, how enticing are his broken promises.
How captivating are his infeasible vows.
How enchanting are his lullaby of lies.
I was deceived by his cheating heart.
I was fooled by his false affection.
Now I am trapped in the dungeon of pain.
From “Faithful Two-timer” by Hana Kamid

Time Heals...

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