With Your Initials Inscribed

broken20heart1Falling in and out of love with you had a purpose. The heartbreak prepared me to appreciate the love of my life when it arrived. There will always be a little spot with your initials inscribed on it tucked away safely in my heart. First love never completely dies. A.P.

Teen love

In Nature, things are broken with a purpose:
clouds break to pour rains,
rivers break to water fields,
fields break to yield crops,
seeds break to yield plants
… so if ever you feel broken,
understand that you must be part
of a better and more beautiful purpose…
Debashis Dey

A Long Time Gone

broken20heart1Love doesn’t come with instructions. One learns through mistakes and heartbreak. I was immature and ignorant when we were a couple. Maybe if I hadn’t acted like a child you would still be here and I wouldn’t have ended up loving someone who’s a long time gone. J.W.


When you lose someone you love,
you never get over it.
You get used to it.
Harriet Morgan

You Won’t See It End

We were going steady. I adored you. Each evening after work I’d drive by your house to feel closer to you. Night after night I did and you never knew, at least not until I saw you kissing another guy in your driveway in his car. I was only sixteen, but it hurts still today. R.Y.

You can see a clock,
but you can’t see the time.
You can see my face,
but you can’t see my mind.
You can see the clouds,
but you can’t see the wind.
You saw my love for you begin,
but you won’t see it end.