You Did Not Break My Heart

broken20heart1I feel sad this morning and it’s all my fault. We shared a unique and special life together, but I kept looking for something else thinking there must be more. I had it all and only realized it after you were gone. You did not break my heart. I did. C.B.

Heart Broken Sad Quotes wallpaper
Hurt shouldn’t pile up like this inside of someone.
No one should suffocate beneath pain on top of pain.
You should have time to breathe,
time to scream it out
until it doesn’t exist anymore.
Sharde Richardson

Slayer of the Love

broken20heart1Everyone thinks I’m fine. I’m the only one that knows something is slowly dying inside me. Every day it decays a little more, festering into an unrecognizable form. You left me behind and alone to be the slayer of the love  that once lived in my heart for you. E.L.

rain on rommily
Love is a great poet,
its resources are inexhaustible,
but if the end it has in view
is not obtained,
it feels weary and remains silent.
Giacomo Casanov

I’ll Wait For You

broken20heart1Hindsight seems so clear while life ahead appears obscured in fog. Time vaporizes like mist in the morning sun. And one day, I too, will evaporate back to where I came from. If I am the first to go, I’ll wait for you there. Then we can finally be together. T.L.


the clock is ticking,
the hours are going by.
The past increases,
the future recedes.
Possibilities decreasing,
regrets mounting.
Haruki Murakami

Like No Other

broken20heart1Memories: the way you twisted your hair with one finger; how you love Asian seafood dishes; that old sweatshirt with all the holes you wore a lot; your fondness for hats; the little noise your lips made as we finished a kiss; I will always love you like no other. D.L.


Your sweet scent will forever be with me,
reminding me of the love we once shared.
I will breathe in the memories
until we meet again.
Donna L. Jones

Come Back To me

broken20heart1I understand you’re searching to find your way and sort out what is best for your life. I respect that and the space you say you need, but don’t ever forget I love you very much. I’m not going anywhere and will be waiting for you with open arms to come back to me. R.R.


The road stretches before you
No one knows just how far,
And whatever may befall you
Just remember who you are
If others try to change you,
Think who you want to be,
And I’ll be right here waiting
For when you return to me.
Taken from “I’ll Be Waiting”
Author Unknown

No Despair So Absolute

broken20heart1You’ve moved on. I haven’t be able to. My life is so ordinary without “us” and loneliness for you is almost unbearable at times. I even miss the bad stuff and realize now I should have been more understanding and forgiving. If I had, I would not have driven you away. S.O.


There is no despair so absolute
as that which comes with
our first great sorrow.
Before we know what it is
to have loved and lost,
to despaired and have recovered hope.
George Elliot

It’s My Fault You’re Gone

broken20heart1Forcing myself to forget you doesn’t work. I’ve tried over and over. Oh, how I wish the love in my heart would fade, but it’s stuck there. It’s my fault you’re gone and don’t want me. I’m beginning to believe I’ll never get over the pain and heartache of losing you.


Wanting him is hard to forget,
loving him is hard to regret,
losing him is hard to accept,
but even with all the hurt I’ve felt,
letting go is the most painful yet.

The Lesson

broken20heart1What is the lesson to I’m to learn from loving you? Is it that true love is lasting since I have carried you in my heart for decades? Is my lesson to be careful of who one loves? Is it to know the pain of love because I have caused it to others so often? What is it? F.Y.


The first step to wisdom is to know you know nothing
the way to appreciate is to start with nothing.
Well, all I know now is that I don’t have you
and all I posses is my craving for you.
I feel I’ve needed you since the beginning of time
on my way to wisdom I ask, will you ever be mine?
“Wisdom” by Derek del Barrio

Back Near the Start

broken20heart1I’m right back where I started long ago in a search for the great love of my life; one that shook me down to my soul; one I couldn’t get over no matter how hard I tried. Here I am back near the start knowing the “one” is you. I pray daily for another chance. C.B.


In life we don’t always get what we want;
hopes and dreams get washed away so easily,
hearts are broken, chances are missed,
and we always seem to end up
right back where we started.
From “Colliding Worlds”
by Rebecah McManus

Outer Boundary of Reality

broken20heart1In a dream words came I can’t say. “I love you. Always will. No one ever moved me like you”. To think you might be mine again is so far-fetched I can only barely imagine it. Thoughts of you in my arms straddles the outer boundary of  reality, but I think them anyway. M.K.


His heart danced upon her movements
like a cork upon a tide.
He heard what her eyes said to him
from beneath their cowl
and knew that in some dim past,
whether in life or revery,
he had heard their tale before.
James Joyce