Never Be the Same Again

You’re so wicked and good at deception. Otherwise, you could not have fooled me for as long as you did. You’re a despicable liar and a low down thief, but the worst is my heart was truly innocent when you broke it into a thousand pieces. It will never be the same again. K.R.

The weak sometimes wish
to be thought wicked,
but the wicked always wish
to be thought virtuous.

A Cold Hearted Lie

Seemingly an angel and deceptively sweet you said all the right things at the exact moment needed to steal my heart. You seemed kind and tender. Making love was mind-blowing and like no other experience I’ve known. But it was an act. You were only after my money. D.S.

Tears… fall from my broken heart.
I never thought we would be apart.
When you held me you said “forever”.
Now you’re gone I know you meant “never”.
Saying you love me with that look in your eye
….was a cold hearted lie!
from “Tears” © by Erika