You Proved Me Right

I barely knew you when I caught you lying the first time. Later came many more untruths I knew were white lies, but never said anything. I always suspected you’d hurt me in time. I just hoped some how, some way you’d prove me wrong. But that’s not what happened. T.M.

We don’t always love what is good or
who is good for us. With frightening frequency
we fall in love with things that damage our life
and people who tear us to pieces.
James Browning

From a Distance

Yesterday my Momma said ” Sweetie, if she does not care why should you? Don’t keep fightin’ for a woman who will not fight for you in return. Life is too short and there’s someone out there who will be just as interested in you as you are in her. Move on so she can find you.” R.B.

Cause I loved her from a distance
Like an angel watching from afar
I never had the nerve to mention
The fire burning in my heart.
I knew a boy like me
Never would’a stood a chance
So I did the best I could
And I loved her from a distance.
From the song “From A Distance” by Corey Smith

A Hazy Sleepwalk of Misery

Finally the realization has come to get on with my life. You’re not coming back. For a year I’ve lived in a daze; one day after another just a hazy sleepwalk of misery. I may not be able to stop loving you but I have to wake up. Somehow, someway I have to move on. S.T.

As of now, I am moving on.
Through and out, this hard time.
The clouds will clear, and the storm will pass.
Things are looking up, as I raise the mast.
Sailing on, and moving out.
From these dark days, I muster all my clout.
I am ready, to start again.
Just to see, where life begins.
Taken from “Moving On” by Cue Ball

Still It Was Not Enough

For a long time I thought if I loved you with all my heart, you’d love me back. I felt certain if I showed you how deeply I cared about you every way I could, you would care for me as I did you. I gave you absolutely everything and still it was not enough to make you love me. N.V.

Love has become my sorrow
For you are no longer here.
I cling to your affection
Pulsing with the rhythm
Of your heart;
Gasping at the moment
I lose the steady beat.
Love has become my enemy
For you are no longer mine.
From “Abusing the Consequences” by Kay Salady