Lost Without You

broken20heart1I want to feel happy again. I’m tired of hurting. I want to be in your arms again. I tired of not sleeping at night. I am sick of wearing fake smiles. I am waiting for you make me show a real smile again. I’m lost without you! Please come back to me. S.D.

There are many persons ready
to do what is right because in their hearts
they know it is right. But they hesitate,
waiting for the other…
to make the first move
and he, in turn, waits for you.
Marian Anderson

The Rapture of Love

broken20heart1We shared a decade’s worth of the rapture of love in the borrowed time we had. I thought I had loved before, but have known since love was shown to me the first time in your arms. Sometimes I miss that serenity more than I have words to explain. H.M.

Wallpaper of Kissing Couple

To live in this world,
you must be able to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it against your bones
knowing your life depends on it;
and when the time comes, to let go.
Mary Oliver

Then There Is You

broken20heart1Years go by. People come and go; an ongoing parade of faces I mostly forget with names I barely remember. Some didn’t really know me. Some loved me. Some hurt me. Some did both. I’ve loved. I’ve lost. Most I got over reasonably quick. Then there is you.T.B.


True love
doesn’t have a happy ending:
True love
doesn’t HAVE an ending

Painful Love Awakens

I don’t regret being with you, but don’t wish we were together either. I don’t even like who you’ve become. Yet when I run into you, a deep and painful love awakens. It aches long after you leave. You haunt my dreams and my silence. I fear that may never stop. M.A.

Ask me why I keep on loving you
when it’s clear that you don’t feel
the same way for me…
The problem is that as much
as I can’t force you to love me,
I can’t force myself to stop loving you.
Author Unknown

Seeing You Once More

My love for you is strong and keeps me going. No matter the distance; regardless of how much time, I’ll never stop trying to find you. Tragedy of war separated us, but I’ll keep moving; ever-moving step by step toward holding you once more in my arms. T.K.

Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone that soar above
Enjoy such liberty.
Richard Lovelace

Never Goes Away

Loving you was not the first time I’d given my heart, nor will it be the last. However, there’s something unmistakably unique about what I felt for you and feel to this very moment. I have resigned myself to it never changing. From a distance I will always love you. J.B.

Thinking of you is easy.
I do it every day.
Missing you is the heartache,
that never goes away.
Michael Pryce

True Love Is Eternal

For a time I convinced myself I didn’t care about you. My feelings were stuffed down deep. When asked if I missed you, I’d lie and say, “No, not really. I’m better off without her”. I deeply regret every time I said that. For the rest of my days part of my heart will always be yours. J.B.

It is impossible to fall out of love.
Love is such a powerful emotion,
that once it envelops you it does not depart.
True love is eternal.
If you think that you were once in love,
but fell out of it,
then it wasn’t love you were in. T
here are no ‘exit’ signs in love,
there is only an ‘on’ ramp.