No Certain Place

broken20heart1Try not to cry for the person who hurts you. Do your best to smile & say, “Thanks for giving me the chance to find someone better than you”. For a long time I thought I didn’t deserve anything more. It took you breaking my heart to learn differently. E.O.


There is a time
for departure
even when there’s
no certain place to go.
Tennessee Williams

Done With You

broken20heart1You didn’t do a thing to make me want to stay. You can’t blame me for walking away after all your cheating and drunken behaviors. Now you say you’ll change. Problem is you’ve told me that many times before. I done Baby… absolutely done with you. L.L.


What they do to you hurts,
but realizing that
they don’t love you
kills you inside
and breaks your heart
into a thousand pieces.
Sonya Parker

Masks that We Fear

broken20heart1Loving you hurt like hell. It took a long time to recover. But I’m grateful for all of it. I learned a lot about myself in that whirlwind of pain. I’ll never think of it as a waste. As my lover, teacher and friend I will always love you and be grateful for what we shared. B.J.


Love takes off masks
that we fear we cannot live without
and know we cannot live within.
James Baldwin

Unwanted, Unneeded

broken20heart1Hyperventilating, blurry vision, uncontrollable tears, elevated pulse rate, equilibrium off, aching stomach, body aches, can’t keep food down. I’m a mess because you don’t love me anymore. I feel worthless as if I’ve been thrown away; unwanted; unneeded. T.G.


You know I was there for you every single moment.
You weren’t there when I really needed you.
You preferred someone else when you had
the choice of coming back and start a new page.
You better not come back to me with a broken heart
and ask for my love, because I’m not going to heal you.
I learned from you. You don’t deserve me.
I once loved you and you pushed me away.
I’m not a game you can have me
and then throw me away. Nope.
My dignity comes first.
I’m not coming back!!!
I moved on.
Mahmoud El Hallab

A Bittersweet Moment

broken20heart1Out of the blue I started crying at lunch today, not because I miss you, but because I realized I’m going to be alright without you. It was a bittersweet moment with sadness for what was and happiness for knowing I will love again one day. E.L.

solitude-420x560Failure of love hurts
like falling down.
In the end you’re left hurt,
with a memory of it forever.

Sometimes I Forget

broken20heart1Sometimes I pretend everything’s alright and my heart’s not broken. When everyone else thinks I’m fine, occasionally I forget for a little while I’m not. I’ll be okay. It will just take time. You don’t deserve the love in my heart. Somehow I will make it go away. A.B.


You will never know true happiness
until you have truly loved,
and you will never understand
what pain really is until you have lost it.

Which Way Do I Run

broken20heart1You leaving knocked me down hard. For months I cried your name into my pillow, but in time I began to heal and find new hope. I was grateful you didn’t try to stay in touch.  Now you’re back and want to see me. Which way do I run? To you or away from you? R.P.


So I placed my heart
under lock and key
To take some time,
and take care of me
But I turn around
and you’re standing here.
Debra Cox

Without Me

broken20heart1If inside you was half as pretty as the outside, loving you would have been joyful. Instead you brought little but anguish and pain. It’s as if you think because you are so beautiful you can do whatever you want, when you want. You still can, but without me! S.O.


Most people tend to think
the best of those
who are blessed with beauty;
we have difficulty imagining
that physical perfection
can conceal twisted emotions
or a damaged mind.
Dean Koontz

No One Can Get Close

broken20heart1If time heals all wounds, then how much time does it take? I thought after a couple of years I’d have moved on. I go out. I date. But no one can get close to me. I feel like I am being unfaithful if someone starts to. Pretty foolish since you cheated on me and left! B.C.


You can’t do anything
for a person who is stuck
between being happy and being miserable.
All you can do is get trapped in the middle,
and anyone in the middle just gets squished.
Jack Gantos

Never Saw You Again

broken20heart1Getting involved with an engaged woman was crazy. The months we secretly shared were wonderful with plenty of horrible moments mixed in. The night before your wedding you showed up at my front door. We spent the night together. I never saw you again. D.E.


It seemed so good when it started.
I gave my trust to you.
I came to you open-hearted,
Hoping it was true.
Now I’ve gotten smart.
Now I’ve learned some things.
Now I know that what once was a start,
Is just an ending.
The longest good-bye
I ever knew,
The longest good-bye
Was the day
I said hello to you.
Heather Lynn Rigaud