A Woman Like You

broken20heart1The day I met you the yearning began. Getting to know you at work has only made me feel stronger. You’re smart, kind and incredibly pretty. Each night I toss and turn before sleep wondering if a woman like you could ever love a man like me.  S.P.


Six weeks I’ve wanted you.
I know how you move,
and how the sunlight makes a shadow
on the curve of your cheek,
and the shape of your ear.
Laura Kinsale

Lost Without You

broken20heart1I want to feel happy again. I’m tired of hurting. I want to be in your arms again. I tired of not sleeping at night. I am sick of wearing fake smiles. I am waiting for you make me show a real smile again. I’m lost without you! Please come back to me. S.D.

There are many persons ready
to do what is right because in their hearts
they know it is right. But they hesitate,
waiting for the other…
to make the first move
and he, in turn, waits for you.
Marian Anderson

Thinking Wrongly

broken20heart1I loved you but did not know how to say it. The only love I ever wanted was with you. The life I needed was for ‘US’ to be together. Inside me I kept all my feelings bottled up thinking wrongly you’d somehow know that for me you were the ‘ONE’. R.L.


In truth, there are only two realities:
the one for people who are in love or love each other,
and the one for people who are standing outside all that.
Charles Baxter

My Quivering Broken Heart

broken20heart1Pretenders have taken advantage of me. Players have played me. Abusers have abused me. But yet my quivering broken heart says, “I will not stop believing you’re out there somewhere; the one who deserves my love. Do you feel me like I do you?” B.C.


The thinnest slice would be teeming
with memories of a love so strong
it turned you inside out and left you gasping,
and would be an identical match
to a slice stored in the heart of a soul mate.
Jodi Picoult

Waiting, Hoping and Praying

broken20heart1Standing with a quivering smile I was trying so hard not to cry as we said goodbye. Will you come back like you promised? Will your love remain strong through the distance? I will be here waiting, hoping and praying you’ll come home safely to me. K.B.

couple saying goodbye_64_324387

I want to be strong
for you right now
but the thought of you
leaving is killing me inside.
Pittacus Lore

Reaching For Me

broken20heart1The other day I looked down at my hands and noticed the spaces between my fingers that used to be filled by you when we were holding hands. Once in a while I sense what feels like you reaching for me. Do you ever feel that? C.B.


Never allow someone
to be your priority
while allowing yourself
to be their option.
Mark Twain

Am I Being a Fool?

broken20heart1You’re in love with someone else that you are making a life with. In my mind I honestly want you to be happy. But my heart doesn’t listen and is still holding out for you even after the way you treated me. It believes you still love me. Am I being a fool?


I’m not crying because of you;
you’re not worth it.
I’m crying because my delusion
of who you were was shattered
by the truth of who you are.
Steve Maraboli

Out There Somewhere

broken20heart1I wish I had never met you. Then I could go to sleep at night not believing there was someone like you in the world. But in my knowing you are out there somewhere comes one sleep deprived night after another. I want you with every fiber of my being. S.P.

getting better looking over the water

…hurts not
just the heart,
but every part.
Coco J. Ginger

A Pebble Dropping On the Sand

broken20heart1You wonder why I hesitate. Everything I want to say I shouldn’t tell you. You belong to another. To be near you and not tell you how much love is in my heart for you is impossible. To be in your presence and not hold you would be unbearable.


It is a dull sensation, your heart breaking,
like the sound of a pebble dropping on the sand.
Not a shattering, not a tearing apart,
there is nothing shrill or grandiose about the sensation.
It is merely an internal realization that something treasured…
is leaving forever.
From “The Art of Devotion” by Samantha Bruce-Benjamin

I’ll Wait For You

broken20heart1Hindsight always seems so clear while what’s ahead appears to be obscured in a fog. Time is slowly vaporizing like hazy mist in the morning sun and one day, I too, will evaporate back to where I once came from. If I am the first to go, I’ll wait for you there.

in the light

the clock is ticking,
the hours are going by.
The past increases,
the future recedes.
Possibilities decreasing,
regrets mounting.
Haruki Murakami