Frozen Shut

broken20heart11Reading the last eight months in my diary it’s clear I’m stuck. I’ve written how much I love and miss you. Of course, that doesn’t help. I’ve put down my anger and how much I loathe what you did to me. That doesn’t help either. My heart is frozen shut with you in it. J.G.


Make me forget him…
I don’t want to remember he existed.
I don’t want to remember his face
That could either make me or break me with one look.
I don’t want to remember that he was into me.
I don’t want to think “what if”;
Those thoughts don’t exist in our future.
So wipe away his face,
Wipe away my disappointment;
Cure my hurt and my anguish;
Make all my sorrow and despair
vanish out of my life just like he did.

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