Every Tear She Sheds

broken20heart1It’s sad when someone you know so well becomes someone you once knew. Now you treat me almost like I was never a part of your life. We used to talk for hours about our dreams of a future life together. Now you say nothing and won’t even look me in the eye. R.W.

sad and broken hearted

Sitting in her room,
nobody by her side.
She sits there waiting for her doom
with bruises on her pride.
Her eyes have turned bright red.
Fresh tears have stained each cheek.
With every tear she sheds,
she starts to grow quite weak.
Her heart was struck and shattered.
She threw away each piece.
Those memories that once mattered,
she now cares for the least.
She used to fly with angel wings,
the sun’s rays were her crown.
Until one day a change of things
that sent her spiraling down.
She never thought she’d feel this way,
so sad and broken-hearted.
But then it came the dreadful day,
the boy she loved departed.
By Hannah LeClair

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