Last Time I Trust You

broken20heart1There’s no sense to be made of what you did. You went back to him, knowing he doesn’t love you. Then he threw you away again. All he wanted was someone warm in his bed to pass a night with. You’re a fool! This is the last time I trust you. You’ve lost me forever. A.P.


Forgiveness in no way requires
that you trust the one you forgive.
From “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young

Better In Time

broken20heart1After you broke up with me it seemed I couldn’t go an hour without thinking about you. In my dreams there was a strong presence of you for a very long time. Slowly, you began to fade into the past, but never completely. Even now I wonder if you are well and happy. K.S.

A]Beautiful memo037

Thought I couldn’t live without you;
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too;
It’ll all get better in time
Even though I really love you;
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to;
It’ll all get better in time.
From the song “Better In Time”
by Leona Lewis

Worthy Of Giving My Heart To

broken20heart1It took many pieces of broken loves to build a person strong enough to know true love when it arrived. To all who hurt me, caused sleepless nights, made me cry and broke my heart; thank you. Now I’m able to only love someone worthy of giving my heart to. H.E.


Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Don’t expect others to read your mind,
and don’t play games with their heads and hearts.
Don’t tell half-truths and expect people to trust you
when the full truth comes out.
Half-truths are no better than lies.
And don’t ignore someone you care about,
because lack of concern hurts more than angry words.

After One Such Love

broken20heart1I just realized I haven’t shed a tear over the end of “us” for over a year. I still think of you, but so very slowly, you are fading into memory. Letting you go is the hardest thing I have ever done in spite of how much you hurt me. I’ll never love again like I loved you. J.Y.

Man missing woman edit

Yet nothing can to nothing fall,
Nor any place be empty quite;
Therefore I think my breast hath all
Those pieces still, though they be not unite;
And now, as broken glasses show
A hundred lesser faces, so
My rags of heart can like, wish, and adore,
But after one such love, can love no more.
John Donne

Perverse Sense of Fortune

broken20heart1Destiny is twisted when it comes to us. It was your life that kept us apart long ago. Now years later fate has set fire to our love once more, but this time the shadow of impossibility comes from my side. Providence’s perverse sense of fortune is again teasing us. G.W.



Haven’t Forgiven You Yet

broken20heart1My memory is clearing. I remember the times you should have/could have treated me better. Telling me you said one thing but felt something completely different doesn’t repair the injury to my trust. I still love you, but realize now I haven’t forgiven you yet. J.L. 


The things two people do
to each other they remember.
If they stay together,
it’s not because they forget;
it’s because they forgive.
From the movie “Indecent Proposal”

The Lesson

broken20heart1What is the lesson to I’m to learn from loving you? Is it that true love is lasting since I have carried you in my heart for decades? Is my lesson to be careful of who one loves? Is it to know the pain of love because I have caused it to others so often? What is it? F.Y.


The first step to wisdom is to know you know nothing
the way to appreciate is to start with nothing.
Well, all I know now is that I don’t have you
and all I posses is my craving for you.
I feel I’ve needed you since the beginning of time
on my way to wisdom I ask, will you ever be mine?
“Wisdom” by Derek del Barrio

Go Away

broken20heart1On again; then off again. You want me; then you don’t. You say you can’t live without me and go make a life with someone else. Up and down like a yoyo, but, guess what! I’m not going to let you do from now on. I don’t believe in you anymore. Go away. Leave me alone. S.J.


I don’t miss him,
I miss who
I thought he was.

Just For One Moment

broken20heart1You should’ve told the complete story about your past, not just part of it. Selective truth is akin to lying. What’s worse is you left me to stumble across the facts that made it hurt far more than if you’d told me from the beginning. Shame on you for hurting me this way. B.E.


I wish I could give you my pain
just for one moment.
Not to hurt you but rather so
you can finally understand
how much you hurt me.
Sum Nan

A Sacredness In Tears

broken20heart1You hurt me when you pretended not to love me. I believed you and thought you didn’t care. Finding out years later you loved me all along doesn’t take away the pain felt and carried for years. But it will let the wound to heal to where now only a scar will remain.


There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief…
and unspeakable love.
Washington Irving