How Do I Get Through This?

Like sudden lightening came your words “I want a divorce”. I knew we had problems, but though we’d work through them somehow. When I begged you to change your mind you said “NO” and walked away. I have hardly stopped crying since. How do I get through this? B.C.

All I can do
Is cry over you;
Crying over what I hoped could be,
Crying over what will never be.

I’m blind to what’s in front of me,
Seeing nothing but what I want to see,
But that is not realistic;
That is just my imagination.

I cry over the change that is happening just too fast;
Crying over the footsteps left in the sand,
Watching them disappear after every wave rushing upward,
Knowing they won’t reappear.

No matter how much I wish they would
Nothing will make this better,
Not unless I stop crying over you,
Not until I give up on you.

Time Heals...

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