Making It OK

Over time it became painfully obvious we should not be together, but logic hasn’t stopped me from day-dreaming about what might have been. Hindsight has saved the good times & forgotten the bad. I suppose that’s lifes way of making me OK we’re no longer together. K.M.

We had a lot of fun
When we were together
I’ll never forget
I’ll always remember.

The laughs that we shared
The dreams that we had
But those dreams changed
And they left me sad.

I know you’ve moved on
And found someone new
But I have to admit
I still wish for you.

This isn’t healthy for me
I really need to stop
When I think about our past
My heart wants to pop.

So as I say my last goodbye
I want you to know
That I’m trying my best
To learn to just let go.

“Just Let Go” by Aubrey at

Time Heals...

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