I’m Sorry of Being Myself

Repeatedly in anger I spoke to you in a manner I shouldn’t have. I accused you of things you never did and I knew it. It was my short comings I tried to hang them on you. I hurt you too much emotionally with my behavior and now you won’t speak to me. Please forgive me. E.D.

I’m sorry of being so emotional.
I’m sorry of being so possessive.
I’m sorry that I cry for you.
I’m sorry because I can’t live without you.

I’m sorry for the tears you shed.
I’m sorry for the damage I made.
I’m sorry I’ve made you sick.
Sorry I hurt you so deep.

I’m sorry for giving you sleepless nights.
I’m sorry for each and every fight.
I’m sorry for your pain & agony.
I’m sorry for the missing harmony.

I’m sorry of being so immature.
I’m sorry now that can’t be cured.
I’m sorry of being myself.
I’m sorry that I’ve failed.
Sourav RCY

Time Heals...

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